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Rolling Backwards

I got almost to the top of the hill, but I didn’t have enough speed to make it all the way. I downshifted, but the rig was already rolling backwards. I popped the clutch, and the engine stalled. I pressed the brake; no brakes. I kept popping the clutch, and the truck kept rolling backwards faster and faster. I knew the truck was going to roll over down the hill as soon as we hit the curve. We were flying down that hill! The truck slammed over the curb and sharply turned to the side. Then wham! It stopped. Something stopped us!

The first thing the two construction workers (James and Chief) wanted to do was get out of the way in case the truck decided to finish its descent down the hill. They both carefully climbed out of the passenger side and planted their feet firmly on the ground.

They were delivering a load of mulch to the VGR property. Rather than driving around to the main entrance, they drove up the steep, side driveway. The dump truck didn’t have quite enough power to crest the hill, so James tried to quickly shift into a lower gear. The truck’s momentum reversed, and it rapidly gained speed backwards down the driveway. The brakes were completely gone. The runaway truck bounced over the curb, turned sideways, and abruptly stopped just short of the drop-off. You can see from the pictures that there was nothing to stop the truck. It had no brakes, and there were not even skid marks in the dirt.

The two workers knew that Voice Of God Recordings is a religious organization, so they had no reserves when they told us about their experience. The first question we asked was, “What stopped you?”

“I know you guys print Bible books and that kind of thing, so you can preach about this for the next month. It was God!” James said.

“The only thing that could of stopped us was that big tree at the bottom of the hill!” Chief exclaimed as he raised his hands. “Yeah, It was Jesus!”

James then said something that explained everything, “Our boss called us this morning and told us to be careful. He was worried that something bad was going to happen. He even said that he prayed for us. That aint like him. It was weird. I’ve never seen anything like this.”

We are thankful the two workers are safe. The Lord’s hand was upon them.