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Typhoon In Philippines Update

The Lord answered the prayers of the Bride of Christ. The typhoon changed direction at the last moment and missed the heavily populated areas of Philippines, especially the waterlogged city of Manila. Our reports indicate that all the believers are safe at this time. Brother Jeremiah Villagracia bravely worked through the storm, delivering food and supplies to the believers. At one point, he waded through waist-deep water for two miles to visit a church and check on their welfare. Along with the churches he visited before the recent typhoon, he delivered food and supplies to four churches on Saturday, one today, and plans to continue his efforts in the days to come.

Many believers in the U.S. have offered to help by sending us used clothing. This is a generous offer, but shipments of clothes from the US are expensive, take weeks to ship, and may have problems at Customs. As Brother Jeremiah continues to visit the believers, we will get a better idea of their needs. At present, we are delivering non-perishable food and other immediate necessities. We will post updates in the days to come. Please continue to pray for the believers in Philippines. They are beginning to rebuild their lives from these devastating storms.

The following is Brother Jeremiah’s most recent report along with an email we received from a believer in Philippines.

Our thanks and praises to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and to all of you for all your prayers that has wonderfully availed much for us here, the Filipino believers and even the people of the Philippines. The prayers of the Saints have once again worked wonders and confirmed that we are serving a truly gracious and living God.

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Days before the coming of another supertyphoon, everybody was worried that this could be another disaster especially for people who had been much affected by the last typhoon. The people are now just starting to pick up what is left of their lives. Another typhoon would make it a lot harder for the affected families to cope and much harder too for the relief agencies to respond. But with your and our prayers too, the Lord intervened and we have been able to continue sending relief supplies to various Message churches and congregations that had been affected by the flood.

Even the newspapers (kindly see excerpt below from Manila Bulletin dated Oct. 3, 2009) speak of the miraculous weakening and drastic changes in the direction of the oncoming Typhoon Pepeng that was supposed to have passed across Luzon and would have rained much water to a number of areas in Metro Manila that are flooded until now and would have contributed more sufferings to the already affected people. But a High Pressure Area (HPA) near Hong Kong, prevented Typhoon Pepeng from doing that and instead it further veered away more towards the northwest area of Luzon, away from the more heavily populated areas of Northern Luzon.

Praise be the Lord Jesus Christ and thank you for all your prayers and support for the affected believers in the Philippines. God bless you all.

Bro. Jeremiah Villagracia
Office Manager
Voice Of God Recordings
Manila, Philippines


‘Pepeng’ veers away

Metro Manila spared as typhoon changes path
October 3, 2009, 7:38pm

Manila Bulletin
Prayers worked

And so it seemed to the weather forecasters at the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA), who monitored drastic changes in the strength and direction that Typhoon “Pepeng” has been taking since late Friday night.

PAGASA Director Nathaniel Cruz said the country miraculously dodged a “bullet” when the High-pressure area (HPA) near Hong Kong prevented “Pepeng,” which is starting to veer away from the country, from moving towards the South China Sea, sparing several Cordillera and Cagayan provinces from being directly hit by the typhoon.

Cruz explained that the HPA diverted the track of the typhoon's eye towards the northwest, threatening instead to cross the extreme northern part of Luzon by entering and directly hitting Cagayan, including Babuyan Islands, Kalinga, Apayao, and Ilocos Norte on Saturday afternoon at around 3 p.m.

“We can say that we are really lucky. Nobody let another disaster follow (Tropical Storm) Ondoy,” Cruz said, highlighting that the change of direction that spared Metro Manila from receiving heavy rainfall for 9 to 12 hours starting Saturday.

Officials said the risk of another major disaster was easing because the new storm had changed direction slightly and was no longer headed to heavily populated regions of Northern Luzon...

The weather bureau expect that the rest of Luzon will have occasional rains with gradual improvement in weather condition taking effect over Southern Luzon starting this Sunday.



Email from a sister in Philippines

Truly, God guides and protects His children wherever they are. I was stranded on my way home from office Saturday afternoon at 1:00 o'clock. I'm very thankful that our Lord Jesus provided me the strength spiritually and physically to survive such struggle. He provided me transportation to reach my home. Cell phones can't be used because there's no signal on the flooded site. I've desperately prayed to Him to send angels to pack me home. And our Lord surely answers our prayers and is a very present help in the time of trouble. Thank God, I have survived that experience, even though I've reached my home at 6:00 pm Sunday. Even with only one meal and few drinks, God gave me the strength to sustain that experience. Praise be our Lord Jesus for He always care for us.

Your sister in the Philippines