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All of Brother Branham’s sermons are now available for download!

Since we posted Brother Branham’s sermons on this website a few years ago, we have been receiving requests to make all of the sermons available for download onto mobile devices. There were a number of problems associated with this request such as the large number of downloads swamping our internet server, the cost that we pay for bandwidth used (the larger the file the more we pay per download or stream), and most importantly, retaining the high quality audio.

Since the vast majority of downloads are used on mobile devices such as Apple and Android, we are now utilizing M4a audio format that is optimized for these devices. The file is smaller, easier to download, works on just about anything, and still retains high quality audio.

The MP3 files that were there before are still there, and you will still be able to stream the sermons. Since downloading and streaming are expensive and slow, we suggest that you use your own copy of The Table to download onto your mobile device if possible.