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IndexBook App

We thought you would enjoy the new Index Book App, and from the statistics, it looks like you are! The app has been downloaded more than 1,200 times by users in 12 different countries since we first posted it on the Apple App Store. A little while after posting the Apple version, we posted the Android version of the app, which now has about 700 downloads. We appreciate all those people who have rated and commented on the application, which is averaging a five-star rating for both versions.

We have now loaded the Index Book app on the Amazon Market App Store, making the Index Book app available to all Kindle Fire users. Note that the Amazon store has a demo of the application if you are curious about what it does.

The Index Book application is a comprehensive listing of all the sermons of Brother Branham. The app includes the title, date, location, and other information about each sermon. The user has the capability to search for a sermon by title, previous title, or date, as well as sort by location, length of sermon, and series. The app can also download the PDFs from the website so you can read the text. It does not contain the audio, but if you have the VGR MP3 sermons loaded on your device, the software will let you play them from the app. It is a free download for Apple, Android, and now, Kindle Fire users.