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Greetings in the name of the Lord! I know you all get testimonies from all over the world, and I love all of them that you share. None of us feel like we're worthy and able to do anything for the Lord but it is such a sweet feeling when He puts something in your path to allow you to be a witness of this restored Truth of the Word. I just wanted to share this one with you that happened earlier this week on Monday. I love it!

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I pulled into the Piketon post office to mail a letter and I always manage to arrive while they are out on a lunch break. The sign said, “Lunch 12:30pm-1:30pm” and it was 1:20pm. I left and came back around 1:25pm and decided to just wait while I listened to the sermon called The Rapture.

It was cool outside so I left the windows down. Almost immediately a small pickup truck pulled up beside me and I could see out of the corner of my eye that their windows were down too. I almost gave in to the urge to reach up and turn down my MP3 player, but I didn't. I thought, “The whole world is dying in sin and needs this truth, why not let them hear It? If they don't like it they'll yell at me or something and then I'll turn it down.”

Brother Branham was talking about those seven Angels and them Seven Seals just as calm as if everyone knew it. Nothing artificial about it of course. Then he breaks into a description of justification. He asks if they had ever tried that word. He explains it’s not forgiven, it’s justified. You never done it in the first place.

I looked up and a real Godly looking old lady with a dress on got out of the drivers side and went in the post office. I seen an elbow sticking out of the passenger side next to me so I figured it must be two sisters or something. There was still nearly three minutes left before the window opened so I just waited and let the sermon play as we “both” listened. After a while the little lady came out with two boxes under her arm so I thought I'd go on in. I shut off the sermon, opened the door and headed straight for the post office door without even looking to see who was sitting in the little truck.

After what seemed to be around five minutes, I came back out and to my surprise the vehicle was still sitting there. As I walked past the window to open my door an older gentlemen held up his hand and said, “Who was that speaking?” I didn't have to ask what he meant. I said,”That was William Branham. Have you ever heard of him?” He looked thoughtful and said, “No.” I said, “He ministered from 47-65 and preached divine healing. We believe that he was a prophet of God.”

I watched their expressions at this. The old lady was leaning close to the steering wheel looking up at me with a sweet smile. I said, “Of course there are hundreds of them nowadays.” They chuckled and agreed at this.

Somehow the Lord let them sit there and listen to me tell Brother Branham's life story in as condensed a version as I could. When I got to the Pillar of Fire picture I kept wishing I had one to show them, and then all at once I remembered “The Messenger” witnessing tracts I had been leaving at college.

I said, “Hang on just a minute.” I opened the van door and climbed up in it, and right there in the middle tray as I lifted up the car manual, was one tract. It was in perfect condition except for a little coffee stain on the right corner (probably why I didn't leave it somewhere). I gave this to them and pointed to the Pillar of Fire. I said, “This is what he kept telling people that he saw all his life and this is what was proven by the FBI to be an authentic photograph. However, the Supernatural was not so much the picture, but the life that went with it.”

I felt led to close my little sermonette and I said, “If you enjoy simple Bible teaching and the Saint Paul's Gospel of Christ, you'll enjoy listening to him.” They told me that they didn't have an MP3 player or I would have done like the one testimony I read on your website, where the brother just took the disc out of the player and gave it to them. I told them to take care and they thanked me.

I never got their names and never gave mine, but they have everything they need to find the Voice. I may never see them people again but I know that He was speaking to them. Praise the Lord! Hungry hearts are such a beautiful confirmation that what we are feeding on is the absolute Spirit of Truth, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself! Amen.

Brother Steffy

Ohio, USA