Table App

The Table Application for Apple devices is now available for download at the Apple App Store.

You can now download The Table application with your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Once you log in to the App Store, search keywords: “Voice Of God Recordings” and you will find both the Index Book and The Table applications. Tap The Table (it has all the functions of the Index Book) and it will download to your device. This link will take you directly to the download.

We are currently working on the Android version and will notify you via email when it is ready. If you have not already signed up, please use our sign up page to receive the notifications: App Notification Signup


From the beginning, it has been the vision of Voice of God Recordings to give every sermon Brother Branham preached to every person who desires to hear his Message. Little did we know that the Lord would not only provide a way to do that impossible task through future technology, but He would also provide a way to dig deep into the Message by searching every word Brother Branham said. That tool is called The Table, and we have just taken a large step forward in making it available to everyone.

Introducing the new FREE Table Application for mobile devices!

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Here are a few of the functions:

• Lightning fast search of all 1,205 sermons and the Church Age Book.

• Includes the 15 newly found sermons.

• Search all words in a quote or exact phrases.

• Automatically saves your searches for future reference.

• Newly updated text with additions to 53 once-incomplete sermons.

• Highlight, bookmark, and include your personal notes to the text.

• Text can be read like an eBook, which means you have all the sermons in readable format.

• Remembers last reading location.

• Search sermons by date, length, location, title, and series.

• Plays sermon audio directly from the app.

• Includes all the functions of the Index Book app and most of the functions of The Table software.

• Will soon be available for Apple devices, and the Android version will shortly follow.

Some facts about apps:

• Applications for mobile devices are designed for operating systems, which means they are different for Apple (IOS) and Android devices (the two most popular operating systems).

• This version will work on the iPhone and iPad only.

• The upcoming Android version will work on many devices, such as: Android phone, Kindle Fire, Google Nexus, etc.

• These apps don’t work on personal computers.

We have loaded the Table App on the Apple App Store, and it is available for download. You can access the App Store through the App Store application on your iPad or iPhone, then search “Voice Of God.” The download is free.

If you would like us to email you when the apps are ready for download on the app stores (both Apple and Android), please use our notification form at App Notification Signup. We are working on the Android version now, and we are planning on releasing it soon. Please note that you will need at least a 32 GB iPhone or iPad to hold all the audio sermons. The search function of the app will work fine without any audio loaded, but you won't have access to play every sermon without every sermon already loaded onto your device.

We hope you enjoy this little Christmas gift from Voice of God Recordings. May it brighten your holiday season with the Light of the Word.