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Living, He Loved Me...

If you want to read a miracle, then this one needs no introduction. Yes, God still works miracles.

My dear friends: God bless you richly. I must give vent to my heart's overflowing of praise to the King of Glory today for the grace of God.

My wife Sis Tris Griffin was experiencing pain in her back since Christmas. Her doctor was concerned because of her history with cancer and scheduled an MRI for Monday Feb. 25.

The next day after the MRI (Tuesday 2/26) the doctor's office called me on my cell phone, anxiously trying to get ahold of my wife, wanting to get her in to the hospital for a CT scan immediately. I had them call the public school where she works as a teacher's aide. They called her out of her classroom to set up an emergency CT scan for Wednesday morning. Of course we were very concerned about the urgency and the anxiety of the doctor's office. My fear was that the cancer she had 5 years ago had re-appeared. All they would tell her or I was that there was an "artifact" there.

So on Wednesday morning 2/27 we had prayer together, not knowing the reason for their anxiety, but we quoted back how Brother Branham said on "Greatest Battle" that "you take the gates of the enemy just as you come to them." We claimed her healing as our portion, our inheritance. We even went so far as to quote back in simple faith how Brother Branham said concerning Sister Meda, "before the doctor's hand touches her..." etc. We had calm resolute faith in the healing power of God through His stripes - with child-like faith. We simply claimed what was ours by the Revealed Word.

Then at the hospital on Wednesday 2/27/13 we found out why they wanted her in right away. The MRI done on Monday clearly showed that her trouble was what they called an "Aortic Dissection," which is almost instant death if it opens up. The MRI showed it very clearly: a fissure, like a large line in her aorta. So they rushed her in and did a complete 3-D, 180-degree CT scan of her body. The CT scan was done only to pinpoint the dissection for the sake of the operation; it was not done to double check if the MRI was right. This is an extremely expensive procedure. They were all prepared to take her right in to emergency surgery.

Later in the doctor's office in the hospital, he walked out and brought her in, completely baffled. He said, "I don't know what to tell you. You had an Aortic Dissection on the MRI, but now all the evidence of the Aortic Dissection is not on the CT scan. Also there is no trace of any cancer either." He showed her the before prayer and after prayer images and said, "you are in perfect health." Her doctor is greatly relieved because he really cares for her. A totally confused and relieved staff gave her the leave to go! She is going to obtain copies of the images they showed her to verify the Grace of God to sinners like us.

God lives! Hallelujah! With His Stripes we are healed! All He wants is His church to love Him and believe Him!

On Thursday Feb. 28 she testified to the teaching staff at lunchtime at the public school where she works. Oh my, the reaction was wonderful - the tears, the joy; even the hardest of the bunch saying, "You almost persuade me to be a Christian!" (just like Agrippa said to Paul).

Living He Loved Me, Dying He saved Me, Buried He carried My Sins Far Away; Rising He Justified Freely Forever, One Day He's Coming, O Glorious Day! The same God of our Brother William Branham lives! He is the same, yesterday, today and forever! I almost lost the love of my life, but Jesus heals and saves! Oh how wonderful He is! Simple honest faith in His Word can move mountains.

Yours because of Calvary,

Bro Paul Griffin

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Do you believe that to be truth, solemnly believe it to be the truth, not one waver of doubt in your heart? Now just remember this, the working of the Holy Spirit is so simple that it confuses the intellectual mind. The most simple things that I've every... I've seen the Holy Spirit do this: I'd say things that, why, I wouldn't think about it being that way. If I had to use my own mind, I'd say, "Well, that couldn't be right." But it always is right. He does things just so simple. And He does things to make Hisself known to His people. God is with His people. He's in the midst of His people. He loves them, and He wants to do for them, and to help them, and to just let them know not what He will do, but what He has done. He's already done it; it's yours. It belongs to you. It's a free gift from God our Father to His Church.

59-1108 Possessing The Enemy's Gates