Look. It depends on what you're looking at. Look what's been done. The Pillar of Fire, the Holy Ghost, He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. Now let us look. Let us believe. Let us understand that we're in the last days. We're in the last hours. And we're in the last minutes of the last hour.

Everything is built to catch our eye. From road signs to billboards, to websites, to magazine covers, all the way down to the shoes on our feet; everything screams out: “Look!”

The Word also tells us to “look” but not at the things that surround us. We are looking for the Coming of the Lord! And the Bride is now seeing the signs of His Coming.

• Israel is back in her homeland, a powerful nation.

• The spirit of Elijah returned to earth according to Malachi 4.

• The Angel of the Lord appeared in the form of the Pillar of Fire and was photographed for all to see.

• Power to heal the sick, cast out devils, and raise the dead returned to the church.

• The Seven Seals mystery was revealed

• The list goes on and on.

Brother Branham cried out, “Focus yourself in on Jesus Christ.” As we listen to this sermon together, we have the opportunity to focus our eyes, our ears, and our lives on Jesus Christ ALIVE in His Word and in His people. Truly, we are, today, sitting together in Heavenly places in Christ Jesus!

“Look” was preached at Brother Outlaw’s “Jesus Name Church” at the corner of 20th Street and Diamond Street, in central Phoenix, Arizona.

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