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The Table Is Spread

The harvest is ripe! Jesus has a table spread, where the saints of God are fed on ripened Food of the day, by the Gospel Light that vindicates and proves that He is here today. Amen. The saints eat the Bread.


Once again, the Lord Jesus has heard the cry of despair from the heart of His children and has spread a Table full of the finest spiritual Food! Throughout the Muslim country of Pakistan, God has sent faithful disciples proclaiming that God has sent a Message to call out a Bride. Thousands of denominational Christians, Muslims, and idol worshipers have heard and believed their report and have accepted this great end-time Message.

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How did it get started? Just over two years ago Brother Shamoon Yaqoob approached Brother Joseph with a burden in his heart to provide the Bride of Christ in Pakistan with the Message of God’s prophet in their native language of Urdu.

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is the sixth most populous country of the world, with an estimated population of over 180 million people. Of the sixty known languages that are spoken in Pakistan, Urdu is understood by about 75% of the population and is recognized as the official language, along with English.

Today, with the support and prayers of the Bride of Christ from around the globe, we have been privileged to start a translation program and begin providing the Message in the Urdu language to the Pakistani believers. We recently printed our first five Message books and recorded the first five audio sermons. Here is a report from Brother Shamoon Yaqoob, our new office manager in Karachi:

Dear and beloved Brother,

Greetings in the mighty Name of our Lord Jesus!

Precious brothers, thanks to God for the Eagles Food. I have received many phone calls and texts from around Pakistan for this Message of Life. The Urdu Bride is hungry and waiting for the fresh Manna. We will distribute this fresh Food in two weeks to believers around Pakistan by the grace of God, and we will store 500 books of each title for our library.

We are very thankful and highly appreciative to Brother Joseph Branham, Brother Billy Paul Branham, all the saints at VGR Jeffersonville, and believers around the world.

May God richly bless you

Brother Shamoon.

Brother Shamoon has been recording the translated sermons at our studio in the Philippines. The work has just begun! We are looking forward to sending many more translations to our brothers and sisters in Pakistan.

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