The Twentieth-Century Prophet
The Twentieth-Century Prophet, which was filmed in color, brings you into Brother Branham's home for a personal interview in 1953.
The Deep Calleth To The Deep
The Deep Calleth To the Deep, which contains a portion of Brother Branham's sermon by that title, was filmed in black and white during his meetings in Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C. in June of 1954.
The Chicago Campaign
The Chicago Campaign was filmed in Chicago, Illinois in August, 1953.
CTV Tour Video
Video of the CTV Tour visiting believers across the US.
A Special Place
Construction of the new VGR building and the Easter Open House in 2000.
A Vision For Africa
Documentary of Brother Joseph's trip to Africa.

Amazing Grace
This is a video about an elderly father making the decision to be baptized. View article.
The Laplanders
Video sent in by Brother David Forsberg about the recent missionary trip to The Laplands of Norway. View article.
The Folder
Video of the book Folder at VGRView article.
The Cutter
Video of the Cutter at VGR View article.
The Heidelberg
Video of the Heidelberg printing press at VGR View article.
The Bride's Jubilee
Easter 2014 banner
View Easter 2014 article.
Jimmy Harrell Interview
Banner video of Jimmy Harrell Interview.
View The Identification Of Christ In All Ages article.
Bro Branham's Birthday 2014
Banner video for Brother Branham's 105 birthday.
View A True Witness article.
A Trial
Banner video for the article - A Trial
View A Trial article.
The 1964 Alaskan Earthquake
The FULL VIDEO of The 1964 Alaskan Earthquake
View The Alaskan Earthquake article.
The pope addresses a meeting of Pentecostal pastors.
View United? article.
Guyana Missionary Report
Baptisms In Toka.
View Guyana Missionary Report article.
Christmas 2013
Banner video for Christmas 2013.
View Christmas article.
Banner video for the launch of website.
View New Tracts! article.
Malawi Open House
Video from service during the Malawi Open House, November 2013.
View Unity! article.
Thanksgiving 2013
Thanksgiving 2013 banner.
View Thanksgiving article.
Typhoon Haiyan
Philippines Relief Effort.
View Philippines Relief Effort article.
I Am The Resurrection And Life
Sister Noel tells about Garnet Peake.
View I Am The Resurrection And Life article.
Souls That Are In Prison Now
Interview of Sister Shirley Noel.
View Souls That Are In Prison Now article.
New Tracts Banner
Announcement of the new tracts.
View New Tracts! article.
Brother Jackson Silla
Video of Brother Jackson Silla translating for Brother Billy Paul Branham and Brother Joseph Branham.
View A Special Friend article.
3 Minutes To Midnight
Announcement Video for the new DVD of 3 Minutes To Midnight and the Alaskan Earthquake.
View Three Minutes To Midnight article.
Standing In The Gap
Banner Video for Standing In The Gap article.
View Standing In The Gap article.
Brother Fred Sothmann Testimony
Brother Fred Sothmann gives testimony of seeing Brother Branham raise woman from dead.
View The Flashing Red Light Of The Sign Of His Coming article.
A Trophy Of God's Grace
Brother Hollin Hickerson Memorial Video.
View A Genuine Trophy Of God's Grace article.
CTV Magazine 2013 #1
Banner Video for the Catch The Vision Magazine 2013 vol #1.
View CTV Magazine article.
Victory Day
Banner Video for Victory Day article.
View Victory Day article.
The World Is Falling Apart
Banner Video for The World Is Falling Apart.
View The World Is Falling Apart! article.
The Seven Seals
Banner Video The Seven Seals.
View The Seven Seals article.
The Table App
Announcement for The Table app for mobile devices.
View Table App article.
2013 The New Year
New Years Banner.
View The New Year article.
2012 Christmas
Christmas Banner.
View Christmas 2012 article.
CTV Magazine 2012 Vol 2
Banner Video for the Catch The Vision Magazine 2012 vol #2.
View CTV Update article.
Just A Few More Words
Announcement Video of newly found Messages of 2012.
View Just A Few More Words article.
CTV Magazine 2012 Vol 1
Banner Video for the Catch The Vision Magazine 2012 vol #1.
View Catch The Vision article.
The Mighty Conqueror
Easter 2011 Banner Video
Still The Mighty Conqueror
Easter 2012 Banner Video
You Never Know
You Never Know Video
Put God First
Put God First Banner Video
Tornados Update
Tornados Update Video
Tornados Video
Christmas 2011
Banner Video
How We Do It - The Collator
Banner Video
30th Anniversary CTV
Banner Video
Thanksgiving 2011
Banner Video
Prayer Changes Things
Banner Video
Ivan Orellana
Interview of "Little Caleb's" dad.
VGR Homepage Banner
Banner Video of Brother Branham
CTV Magazine 2011 Vol 1
Banner Video for the Catch The Vision Magazine 2011 vol #1 "The Forest People". Includes clips from "The Forest People", "The Old Warrior", and "Perfect Strength by Perfect Weakness."
Christmas 2010
Banner video for Christmas 2010
Mexico CTV Banner
Banner video for the Mexico Distribution Trip CTV
Banner video for the the Tapeboys CTV
Malawi Missionary Trip
Malawi Missionary Trip with Brother John Katyale in 2010, a wonderful report of the most recent tape meeting in northern Malawi.
Venezuela Distribution Trip
Venezuela Distribution Trip in 2011. Brother Ebrain Tona and his missionary team braved the dangerous Amazon River to find a little group of believers deep in the jungle.
Into The Highways and Byways
Banner for Into The Highways and Byways CTV
Madagascar Missionary Trip
Video of the missionary trip to Madagascar in 2010.
Easter Banner 2010
Banner video for Easter 2010
Mother's Day 2010
Banner video for Mother's Day 2010
Zambia Missionary Trip
Missionary Trip to Zambia
Easter 2009
Banner for our Easter Open House 2009
Easter 2008
Banner for our Easter Open House 2008
Christmas 2007
Christmas banner 2007
Thanksgiving 2007
Banner for Thanksgiving 2007