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Directly To Durban

A few weeks ago, Brother Ronnie Pillay (VGR Office Manager in Durban) received his first direct shipment of material from VGR Headquarters in Jeffersonville. Over the years shipments have been received in Cape Town, and then distributed throughout southern Africa by truck. Because of the growth of the work in that area, we are now sending shipments directly to the port in Durban. The first container was filled with Message books, MP3 CDs, and MP3 players.

Along with the supplies for the missionary brothers and the visitors to the office, every church in the region either has received, or will receive, a Lighthouse package.

Brother Ronnie wrote the following summary of the Durban office.

The library was initially opened in 1989 in a tiny 80 sq ft room in central Durban. The work steadily grew, which required moving into bigger offices. During a period of 16 years, we moved 6 times within the same building, yet the work continued to outgrow the rented rooms.

In 2005, Brother Joseph decided that it was time to purchase a two-story building that would accommodate the ever-increasing workload to better serve the Bride of Christ in the Durban area.

In retrospect, the move and location of the new premises was clearly inspired of the Lord in that about a year ago, the Department of Home Affairs opened its offices approximately a block away to specifically cater to the refugees from different parts of trouble-torn Africa (DR Congo, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Somalia, etc). Our refugee brothers were excited when they learned how close the Lord has provided a “spiritual place of refuge” for them.

Since the initial opening of the VGR office in Durban, over 3,000 people of numerous different races and denominations have been baptized. In the early days, many of them were either taken to the beach, the harbor, or the public pools to be baptized, until we constructed a pool at the office. In spite of the extent of the area that needs to be catered for, there has never been a shortage of material. Within this region, there are nearly 100 churches.

In the days to come, we will post Brother Ronnie’s testimony of how he was excited about the deep revelations he was hearing, until he saw the name William Marrion Branham written on the cover of the book. It was not long before “The Masterpiece” caught his eye, and the Holy Spirit caught his soul.