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Directly To Durban Part 2

Brother Ronnie Pillay’s testimony:

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I came from a Pentecostal background, in which I served many years. During this time, I was taught that Brother Branham was a false prophet. In 1983, I was visited by one of the believers who used to be a friend of mine whilst we were in the world. He handed me a Message book and began to explain the Ministry of Brother Branham. At that time I opposed what he had said, and it eventually ended in an argument, and I threw the book away. A few weeks later, another believer visited my family, and he was discussing the Word with us. I was also listening to what he was speaking, and this time I got more interested and wanted to hear everything. This conversation started at ten that evening and only ended at five the next morning.

During our fellowship, he never mentioned Brother Branham's name at all, and little did I realize that he was sharing all that Brother Branham had taught. When he was leaving my home, he handed me two Message books, and that is when I noticed the name of William Branham on the cover. I was very disappointed and placed the books on top of my drawer. Two week later, whilst I was searching for my belt, I noticed these two books. This time I took the books, and when I began to read it (The Masterpiece), it was the beginning of a wonderful journey. Now I can truly say that it is a great honor and privilege to be of service to the Bride of Jesus Christ.

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