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A letter from a friend in Peru

Brother Sherman Napuri, Assistant Distributor in Lima Peru, was denied a visa to travel to the United States for the Easter Open House. Although he was devastated that he would not be able to attend, he knew that God had His hand on the whole situation. He was eager for Brother Felix, Distributor in Lima, to return to give him a full report of his trip. Pictures of the Peru display brought back memories of the catastrophic earthquake that struck his country almost two years ago. This is the letter Brother Sherman wrote in thanks for the Easter Open House.

Lima, May 7, 2009

Grace and peace be unto you in the knowledge of our God and Lord Jesus Christ!

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I am so happy to express to you some of the news of my country; and to start immediately I have to tell you that only now I have had the chance to sit at my desk, in front of my computer to write something and… as soon as I sit, once again the doorbell rings. Since the last April 6, I have had such a flow of visitors to honor the 100th birthday of Brother Branham that you cannot possibly imagine. Now they are coming to see if there is news from Jeffersonville, and we sure show them the news.

All the believers rejoice to see the gifts that Brother Felix brought from the US. Their eyes open wide when they see the replicas of Brother Branham’s personal belongings. All of them look at those items with respect and love. It takes me about an hour to explain everything to them. The most special item for me, and them, is the piece of the den floor where the Angel of the Lord stood to reveal the Seals to the prophet. That is simply spectacular! What a privilege to see and touch this! The brothers want to tear that triangle in a thousand pieces and take one home. They like so much the suitcase replica and how good and real it looks. The passport replica is another item that they just stare at for minutes.

They also love the 100th anniversary Scofield Bible with the Pillar of Fire picture and Brother Branham’s handwriting. They are speechless when they see that. Everybody wants one.

I was not there with you on Easter, but surely I will be there someday in the Lord’s time. I am glad for you, for the work that was done, and especially glad that Brother Felix was there to tell the brothers about the Lord’s goodness towards us. Just to think that two years has passed since that horrible earthquake and none of the believers were touched! Oh, thank you Lord!

I loved the Peru stand! It was just amazing! I never imagined that it would be that big and in that format! I appreciate the efforts you made to recreate the clay bricks, the tent, and the small details that brought such realism to all the visitors so they could see what it really meant for the believers and the help for our brothers from Pisco.

I think I have never thanked you personally for coming here and get dirty, bearing with patience the Peruvian personalities, and different characters and weaknesses. Perhaps bearing bad nights at the hotel, away from home and your family and…above all things put up with me; this miserable Peruvian dirt – I just can’t explain it but I’ve got tears running down my cheeks now. Please forgive me and thanks be to our Lord Jesus Christ for bringing you here.

My dear brother, I have to stop. I just cannot write anymore. I will continue tomorrow. I promise.

Hello, my good brother! I don’t know what happened to me yesterday, but so many memories just came to my mind of those days when we went to Pisco and Chincha. I trust that you have at least a couple of good memories of that time. Thank you again for showing the brothers in Jeffersonville a little bit of my country. To those that support us so much: May God bless each and every one of them.

For my Brother Joseph: My greetings and congratulations for everything that was displayed this Easter in the Anniversary of Brother Branham’s birthday. May God richly bless you, my brother. Everything was inspired and beautiful. This was indeed an extraordinary effort and a real merit for all those who worked in this project. My desire is that the Person of the Lord of lords, Fairest of ten thousand, the Rose of Sharon and Lily of the Valley be in your heart; our dear Lord Jesus Christ!

My precious Lord brings a quote to my mind now from the sermon God Called Men:

“And before we can have this revival, God has to call out and train men (God-trained men) to carry this Message. And they don't care what the opposition is. They are willing to go to the fiery furnace in defeat, or to the lion's den, or wherever it may be; they're ready to go, because they've been in the Presence of God and know that He is. Whether it's to victory or defeat, they still stand the same. That's the kind of training God does to man. And it's very strange to think that God would do that--that God trains His men like that, but He does.”

God Called Men 58-1005E

Please forgive me if I take some of your precious time. I just want to express the respect, and admiration to you from one son of God to another.

Now, if some critic comes to you, let me quote this humble thought: criticism, attacks and envy are the greatest manifestation of admiration. Praise the Lord!!!

May God bless you, and Onward Christian Soldiers, marching as to war!

Your brother in Christ,

Sherman Napuri

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