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When that still, small voice speaks, it is always best to listen. Sister Kim heard something speaking to her heart, and she acted on it. This is her testimony:

I would like to share my testimony. It may not seem important to anyone else, but I know it was God! A few weeks ago, the a/c unit at our store was leaking out onto floor in our dining area. We were constantly having to stop and mop it up by bucketfuls. I work with my sister-in-law, who is not a believer and quite outspoken.

One day we were just so busy with lunch and water everywhere, it was wearing on everyone’s nerves, so I just silently ask the Lord to fix the a/c. Well, that still, small voice said, “Now testify that you have prayed and asked God to fix the a/c.”

Now my sister works with me also. She is not serving the Lord, but she knows the power of prayer. So I told her I have asked the Lord to fix our a/c. Then that little voice says.... “You know, Tina (sister-in-law) is the one you need to testify to.”

Now is the test. My sister-in-law’s reactions to comments about prayer for healing or asking for prayer for special needs is almost scoffish. All day I put off saying anything, so all day we mopped up water! She and I were the last ones to leave, so she went back to turn off the a/c to prevent a mess the next morning. Then that voice says, “NOW IS THE TIME!” When she came back I said, “I prayed for the a/c this morning, that it would stop leaking.” Just as I thought, she laughed.

Well I just said in my heart, “Lord, You said ask in MY NAME, and believe, and that’s what I am doing in THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST!

The next day about 1:30, she said, “You know this a/c has not leaked all day today.” So, I said, “Tina, I told you yesterday, I prayed that the Lord would fix it.” She just chuckled, but until this day, that a/c has not leaked again!

I thank God that I was raised in a home that believed nothing is to big or to small for our God. I pray that God helps me to live each day in His will, and never be hesitant to testify of grace and love.

May God bless His Bride the world over.
A sister in Christ,