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Office Contact:
Andrew Alasa

Office Address:
No. 3 Akinola Cole Cresent
Off Adeniyi Jones Road
PO Box 15478
Ikeja, Lagos State

Office Numbers
Business: 234 1 790 3139

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Country Demographics



English (official), Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo (Ibo), Fulani

Muslim 50%, Christian 40%, indigenous beliefs 10%

Life Expectancy:
47.81 years

GDP per-capita:

Of Interest:
Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and the ninth most populous country in the world. Nigeria is the United States largest trading partner in sub-Saharan Africa, largely due to the high level of petroleum imports from Nigeria, which supply 11% of U.S. oil imports--nearly 46% of Nigeria's daily oil production.

Western Africa, bordering the Gulf of Guinea, between Benin and Cameroon

Office Manager

Voice of God Recordings - Lagos

Office Manager:
Brother Andrew Alasa

Countries or Provinces Served:
The Lagos Office serves the countries of Benin, Nigeria, Togo, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, & Côte d'Ivoire

Office Staff - 2 Employees:

  • Andrew Alasa - Office Manager
  • Chidi Nwairo - Assistant Office Manager
  • Special Information:
    The Lagos office is a bungalow building with three office rooms and a sound room (for viewing videos and DVDs from VGR). The office also includes a lending library and a reception room with pictures of the prophet and a sermon book display rack. It has a two-room, attached building with storage facilities. This new office apartment is a major leap from our one-room office, which we have used since 1990. We are trusting God to have our own purposely built office, if the Lord willing, during the period of the rent. The office serves over 612 churches in Nigeria and about 36 lending libraries and seed tape libraries. It also handles the shipment of sermon messages for Benin Republic and Togo. Their consignments are transported from Nigeria to the two countries.

    Short History of Office:
    Before the establishment of VGR activities in Nigeria, the believers at the time were receiving sermon books and tapes mostly from the then Spoken Word Publications and individual ministers from the U.S and Canada. They were sending books and tapes of the prophet's sermons to individual believers, who were in contact with them. There was no organized system for the sermon books to be received by all the believers. What we had was a few ministers and believers who had contacts, being able to have some books sent to them by their contacts. You can imagine what the situation was like at that time. This was how the sermon books and tapes were handled until Voice Of God Recordings came on the scene.

    I started my work with VGR in 1987, when VGR began its maiden shipment to Nigeria. The operation at this time was small and the shipment coming into the country was also very small, being in few pallets.

    In March, 1990, VGR decided to establish an office in Nigeria. I began traveling around the country to visit the then existing VGR lending libraries. During the visits, I took pictures of the conditions of the tapes and books, which I sent to the Jeffersonville office. These reports began a turn of events in the services of VGR in Nigeria. A new mailing list was compiled and the volume of the material coming into Nigeria tremendously increased. I had my first VGR meeting with the churches in Nigeria in 1990.

    I have since held several meetings with the ministers in Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, and Benin Republic. I have also visited VGR in Jeffersonville a number of times. I presently serve about 617 churches in Nigeria, and also churches in Togo and Benin, and I help with the work in Ghana. We have just moved into a new office apartment for the Nigeria office.

    Short History of Office Manager:
    I came in contact with the Message in 1980 while in the University College for my studies. But before coming in contact with the Message, I had gone to church with my parents as a young man, and maintained my contact with going to church even when I had grown up and had gone to high school.

    I always had a hidden desire to work in God's service, which I had kept to myself. My longing to be a very successful individual after going through my university education was subject to my hidden desire. I had tried to join the Army in 1985, after graduating from my university studies, but the need to serve God in a better atmosphere kept me from it, even though I had been invited to the Military Academy school. My next appointment was to work with Brother Cosmas Maduka in his company, Coscharis Group Ltd. This is where we set up VGR and my eventual involvement in it.

    Ever since the Lord brought me into the Message from when I was in the University College, I have since remained a believer in the Message. I am a Deacon in our church here in Lagos, Nigeria. The Message means so much to me. For me, it is THE ABSOLUTE AND THUS SAITH THE LORD. I firmly believe in the entire Message revealed by Brother Branham, and I am doing everything by the help of the Holy Spirit to make my life be a reflection of the Word revealed by the prophet. I believe there is only ONE prophet messenger to this age and that is Brother Branham. He is God's Voice that brought the Word of God to us.

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