Month In Pictures

Here are some pictures from our representatives around the world.



1 - Australia

A few groups got together to have some Creations activities for the young people.




1 - India

Despite the pandemic, visitors continue to come to the India office to pick up Tamil, Malayalam and English books.


2 - Philippines

Agapao Tablet distribution continued in Rizal and Marikina, Philippines.




1 - Canada

After watching the Lifeline Thanksgiving video, a family in Canada decided to make some apples pies just like Happy and Gramps and the rest of the puppets. As you can see, they did an awesome job!


United States


1 - United States

A shipping container was loaded full at the Jeffersonville headquarters on November 10th with Agapao Tablets destined for the countries of Cameroon, Central African Republic and Equatorial Guinea.


2 - United States

These kids are still enjoying the “Mountains of Brother Branham” videos over on the Creations website! Here they're studying the Homeschool Studies lesson on Sunset Mountain, the Catalinas and Branham Peaks. As a wrap up to November, many believers throughout the United States participated in the Thanksgiving activities.




1 - Brazil

Here are some more pictures we received from our distributors from Brazil from a recent trip he had taken to the northern city of Boa Vista.


2 - Colombia

This group of believers in Colombia had a wonderful Creations class celebrating Brother Branham speaking the squirrels into existence.


3 - Trinidad

The distribution of the Agapao Tablet has continued in Trinidad. We also received many pictures of some of the young people that have followed along with the Creations projects the last few months.


4 - Guyana

Agapao Tablet distribution continued in the month of November and in the month of December Brother Paul Ross and a team of brothers completed distribution to the last 2 churches in Guyana, in the remote northwest area of the country. These brothers and sisters here needed solar panels and batteries to be able to charge their Agapao Tablets. Thank the LORD these were provided to them!


El Salvador


1 - El Salvador

Agapao Tablet distribution has continued in El Salvador.


2 - Panama

Brother Alfonso Smith, our distributor in Panama, has continued to distribute Agapao Tablets.




1 - Mexico

The office in the central part of Mexico continued the Agapao Tablet distribution in the towns of Aticama, Puerto Vallarta, San Felipe, Silao Guanajuato and Tepic.


2 - Mexico City

Brother and Siste Calva, our distributors for the southern part of Mexico, just completed follow up trips and tablet distribution to the states of Oaxaca and Veracruz.


3 - Monterrey

In October, Agapao Tablet distribution continued in the northern Mexico towns of Chihuahua, Saltillo, Sonora and Vicam.

In November the distribution team continued in Durango, Montoros, Nuevo Laredo and Santiago Papasquiro. A wonderful comment from our distributor was:
"The best of the trip was to see that the people in Montoros is following the Program of God, listening to The Message as we are doing it in Branham Tabernacle. What a blessing it is to be able to witness this, a church far away from all the noises in the cities, but close to hear The Voice Of God."




1 - Cameroon

How it blesses our heart to see many believers, both young and old, gathering together to participate in the many Creations projects that took place throughout the last few months.
Amongst the projects they participated in were "Samuel Listened", "Stature of a Perfect Man", and Bible character dress up. Many of them not only took part in the activities but also pressed the play button to listen to the accompanying tape. How encouraging it is to see so many Believers not just take part in the Creations activities but also realizing the importance of "Pressing Play".


2 - Cameroon

Some brothers and sisters attended a meeting at the VGR library in Mamfe, Cameroon, where they heard all about the work at the VGR and received an update regarding policies and direction the work is heading.


3 - Congo, RC

Brother Sathurnin and Bro. Godvani traveled to Mboukou in the Mayombe forest in the Republic of Congo to talk with the brothers and sisters about Young Foundations, Quiet Time and Tape Quizzes. The brothers and sisters were very excited to hear about this and they participated in the International Quiet Time that day!


4 - Congo, RC

We received some pictures of brothers and sisters gathered together in Congo, Brazzaville for a Tape service to listen to 63-0717, A Prisoner, and to have Quiet Time.


5 - Congo, DRC

A church in Lubumbashi, DRC heard a Tape of Brother Branham for the first time after they invited Bro. Silas Kabongo and his team to come and press play in the church. The anointing was so strong in the service as they listened to 64-0311, God Is Identified By His Characteristics.


6 - Congo, DRC

Bro. Jerome Kabemba and his team went to the central prsion in Mbuji-Mayi, DRC to play the Tapes of Brother Branham before 500 prisoners. A total of 133 men and women gave their hearts and souls to the Lord and many were baptized.


7 - Congo, DRC

Bro. Mali and his team have been very busy distributing Agapao Tablets in October. So far, almost 3,000 tablets have been distributed in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


8 - DRC

Four brothers in Christ; Silas Kabongo, Isaac Kalume, Herman Kalala and Armando Mbayo, traveled to Kinsevere, DRC to evangelize. They shared and introduced this Message to many people that have never heard of Brother Branham. The Lord was on the scene and many accepted the Message.


9 - Gabon

Some brothers and sisters in Moanda, Gabon recently participated in the Stature Of A Perfect Man Creations activity.


10 - Kenya

Agapao Tablet distribution continued in Kenya.


11 - Tanzania

Agapao Tablet distribution also continued in Tanzania.