Lifeline 2020 Updates

We’re two weeks into 2020, and we’ve received some incredible feedback on the new Lifeline updates for the new year. “The Voice Radio” has been a huge hit so far, as the Bride around the world can now unite at any time, day or night, to listen to the Voice of God together. We’re also excited to be able to view Brother Branham’s “Red Letter Calendar” days that now appear under the “On This Day” section of Lifeline, as well as the new “Red Letter Journal” feature.

Some have expressed concern on how to view these new features, so we wanted to offer a brief explanation to make sure everyone can enjoy them.

Make sure to update your Lifeline App. If you don't have the app, you can download it at the Google Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iOS).
  1. You MUST update your Lifeline App in order to be able to view the new 2020 features. It is important to always run the app update on your device anytime you see an update appear, or you won’t receive any new features or critical bug fixes.
  2. Once you have updated your Lifeline App, “The Voice Radio” and other new features will automatically appear on your app the next time it is opened on your device.
  3. IMPORTANT NOTE for iOS users: Starting in 2020, we will no longer be releasing Lifeline app updates for Apple iOS 9 or 10. You will still be able to keep the version you have, but new updates and features will only be launched on iOS 11 and newer (current is iOS 13). On an iPhone or iPad, you can check which version of iOS you have by going to Settings>General>About>Software Version. This applies for all VGR apps including The Table and Lifeline.
  4. Please note that the Brother Branham ”Red Letter Calendar” days only appear on the specific days that those special events took place in Brother Branham’s life and ministry. They will not appear every day.
  5. The “Red Letter Journal” feature was designed for you to write personal notes concerning “Red Letter” events that the Lord gives you from day to day. It may be something you use every day, and it may be something you use just once in a while. We also added a login feature under “Settings” in your Lifeline app that allows you to login with your branham.org login information. Once you do this on each device that has your Lifeline App, it will sync your “Red Letter Journal” notes on each device. We are currently working on making this login feature available on the Agapao Hero Tablets.

We hope this helps to answer some questions, but please feel free to contact us with any other questions or concerns you may have. We would also love to hear your FEEDBACK on what you think about these new Lifeline Updates. Please reply through the FEEDBACK section located at the bottom of this article if you wish to share your feedback.

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