The Second Street Bridge

Just even you take this big bridge down here, when I saw it come twenty-two years before it was put up down there, saw the men lose their lives on it.

60-1218 The Uncertain Sound

One of the most talked-about prophecies from Brother Branham, and one that is dear to our hearts, is when he was a young child and saw the Second Street Bridge being built in a vision. It’s an amazing story: he was playing marbles with his brothers when a strange feeling came over him. He walked away and sat down beside a tree. He looked down at the Ohio River and saw a beautiful bridge being built across it. Then he saw 16 men fall to their deaths. The vision was fulfilled years later when 16 died during construction of the bridge. Some people might ask how we know that many people died during construction when there are so few records from that time. The simple answer is that we trust the prophets’ Words – whether they are written in the Bible or spoken on tape – more than any newspaper article, buried artifact, or lack of evidence.

We received a tip that a prominent local attorney named Vissing knew Brother Branham and had a very interesting story about the Second Street Bridge. We contacted him, and Mr. John (Jack) Vissing graciously granted us an interview to talk about his experiences with Brother Branham. He is not only an accomplished lawyer but also highly respected member of the Jeffersonville community. With his life’s accomplishments and thousands of donated hours to community service, he seems to be a man of impeccable character. His family has been community leaders for decades. His father, Richard Vissing, was the longest standing mayor in Jeffersonville history (20 years), and also a personal friend of Brother Branham. Jack doesn’t follow Brother Branham’s teachings or attend an affiliated church; he is a loyal and active member of the local Saint Luke’s Church Of Christ. He had nothing to gain by talking with us, other than to make a stand for a man he highly admired.

Mr. Vissing, we appreciate your time and willingness to give us the interview. It will be an encouragement to people around the world. May the Lord Jesus Christ richly bless you.



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