Not the Way I Thought

And if I've got one desire in my heart, and I hope that everybody listening to me has the same thing, "God, take me through Your Filter." As David said, "Try me, and prove me, and see if there be any evil in me, then take it out, Lord." See? I want God's Filter. Don't care what the world does, what the church has; I want to be a thinking man, to think Who I'm going to be standing by one of these days, for Judgment.

65-0822e A Thinking Man's Filter

Fear, anxiety, and especially nervousness has always been among the enemy's most used tactics. If you listen to the tapes, then you know that Brother Branham seemed to have met this demon during every prayer line. From the wisdom of a Christian doctor, this sister's faith started to grow. Then she received her answer, but the symptoms continued. Then her healing came through a source that God has used countless times. Here is her testimony.

I would like to share with you how God delivered me from anxiety and panic attacks. I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for about 10 years.

For those of you that are not familiar with the symptoms of panic attacks, it includes heart palpitations, dizziness, chest pain, feeling faint, weak, numb, and a fear that you are dying. I probably had more than a hundred attacks like these.

These attacks usually sneak up on me when I am doing my shopping and at church. I went to see a doctor that happened to be a Christian. He examined me and couldn't find anything wrong. He also told me that I should lay aside everything and seek God; and I did just that.

I always had a deep hunger for God, for a closer walk and to be filled with His goodness. I became really desperate in prayer. The Lord spoke to me and assured me that He's with me and that I shouldn't fear. He assured me that He would deliver me, but not the way that I think. It was a battle and daily my faith was put to the test. Sometimes I got discouraged but the Lord was always there to encourage and strengthen me. Months went by, and I still suffered from panic attacks.

Until one day about a month ago I started to read the Spoken Word, "A Thinking Man's Filter."

I could relate to everything the prophet spoke in that book; I saw myself in it. The hungering and thirsting for God and so much more. It was like God revealing to me who I really am.

At that moment I felt something happened inside of me. I can't explain it; it felt like the Lord filled that hunger inside of me and removed all the panic attacks at that same moment.

Praise God, now I can attend church without feeling nervous and beside myself. I do my shopping with ease, and I am truly a different person.

All glory to God.

Sis. Marilyn

South Africa

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