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Did you ever go out of a morning, after the night has past, early of a morning? Also it blossoms to give fragrance. And did you ever go early of a morning to the define the fragrance? You find out that early of a morning when you get out, the dew is hanging low, the trees are budding, the blossoms are coming up, and the perfume is… Go along the road and smell the honeysuckles, into the rose garden early of a morning. That's why, it's been quiet, nature has, through the night. It got quiet and God bathed it with refreshing.

That's what you need to do, is get away and get quiet before God, so He can bathe you with the refreshment from Heaven. Amen. Get alone to yourself; close the doors, pull them together, and say, "Now Lord, here I am in Your Presence."

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We should all have Quiet Time every day, but there is something special about knowing that there are tens of thousands of other believers worshipping at the same time we are. Whether you live in Jeffersonville, London, or Nairobi, you can rest assured that every Saturday marks a special time of prayer and devotion for the Bride.

One Saturday a month, the VGR office in Brazzaville opens their doors for the youth to gather their licks of fire together and enjoy a time of worship and fellowship. The following is a report from Brother Kina, VGR office mangaer in the Republic Of Congo.

Christian greetings to all of you!

The first Saturday of every month is always an exciting moment for the young people here at the Voice of God Brazzaville library, as we hold a Quiet Time event for them. Young people from different churches gather together at the library to have a Quiet Time, games, and activities.

On this Saturday, the young people started the day with the first event on the program at 1:00pm (7am Jeffersonville time), and for some this moment can never be forgotten: the Quiet Time! Just before starting the Quiet Time, a brother spoke to the young people about the importance of spending time alone with God and how the Quiet Time allows us to take the time to do so.

Knowing that thousands of believers all around the world are having a Quiet Time at the same time as them was enough to bring the young people in a deep and sincere prayer.

It is at 1:00pm that we started our Quiet Time. Everyone chose a spot, some under the shadow of a tree, others in the prayer room. We could truly read on everyone's face the joy of speaking with the Lord.

One hour was not enough as many wanted to stay longer alone with God in prayer, but we had to proceed with the other activities.

It was at 2:00pm that we displayed the VGR videos, and it was a great blessing for all of us. We finished the day with activities and games.

The young people were relaxed when they played corn hole, ring toss, and flying discs. We had moments filled with emotion and laughs.

We truly spent good times, and it was hard for us to separate.

We thank Bro. Joseph for this initiative, and we can't wait to meet again on the first Saturday of next month!

God bless you.

Bro. Kina

VGR Brazzaville



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