The Books That Should Be Written: Grace Everleigh - Part 1

25 And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. Amen.

John 21:25

It’s a long testimony, but it’s worth your time! The following was originally published in an old tract, called “The Eleventh Commandment.” Read it closely, because we will post a followup article in the days to come that will bring this testimony forward 17 years.

Here is the original testimony of Grace Wesley Everleigh, St. Ignace, Michigan.

In 1952, I started to have headaches. They became more frequent as time passed and I began having blackout spells which came without warning. My sense of balance left me and I suffered more and more with headaches. During this time I consulted our family physician frequently. He suggested I consult an Optometrist and have a thorough checkup on my eyes. This was done but the optometrist could find no connection between my headaches and my eyes. Several times our doctor suggested I go to a good clinic and have a complete physical checkup. Finally in July 1954 he told me he could do nothing for me and urged me to go to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. I was extremely tired all the time and the spells came more frequently. I had to quit driving our car due to the spells and impaired vision. Much of my time was spent in bed but I never seemed to get rested.

Finally in Oct. 1954 I went to War Memorial Hospital in Soo, Michigan. I spent eight days there undergoing a complete physical examination. The doctor we had while at this hospital was one I had known for years and I trusted and respected his ability. When he released me from the hospital, he also suggested I go to a clinic for diagnosis. He said he felt it was serious.

Dec. 1954 I agreed to go to Mayo Clinic. An appointment was made and I spent almost two weeks going through examinations and under observation. The final tests at the Medical Sciences building consisted of the recording of an electroencephalogram which is commonly called the brain wave test. Two or three days later I was sent back again to the Medical Sciences building where the electroencephalogram was recorded under the influence of an activating drug, the name of which is Metrazel. It was their opinion as a result of the clinical findings that I had a growth on the brain, the pressure causing me to blackout.

I returned home sick and discouraged. My husband who so often had heard me tell how Jesus Christ healed the same as in Bible days challenged me to believe God for my healing. He had never attended a church that taught Divine healing but many times I had told him about friends of mine who trusted God for everything. He was ready to believe God for my healing. He told me he would take me any place if we could only find out where there would be a meeting. I had often been told about a minister who prayed for the sick by the name of Rev. Wm. Branham. We found out he would be ministering in the Philadelphia Church in Chicago, Jan. 12, 1955.

If God would only spare my life so I could attend those meetings. My brother and wife came home from California to help and encourage us. There was also a dear saint of God who lived here while her husband was supervising work being done on the Mackinac Straits Bridge. Her name was Mrs. J. A. Hightower from Memphis, Tenn. She had been healed of a cancer so she could speak from experience. She took a special interest in me and prayed and encouraged me to trust God. Three or four of my friends would come to my home and pray for me and God would meet us in such a precious way. How I thank God for prayer warriors.

At this time I was losing a pound a day. On Jan. 10, 1955 we left our home for the Salvation, Healing meetings to be conducted in Chicago by Bro. Branham. Our neighbors thought it a foolish trip that my husband would take me such a distance in my condition. We live about 500 miles from Chicago. It took us two days to make the trip. Many times I thought death would take me before we would get to our destination.

Jan. 13 about 10 a.m. we arrived at the Philadelphia Church. My folks inquired for Bro. Branham and were told we couldn't see him until the evening service. A couple of young men who were attending the Bible School of the Church suggested that I be brought into the prayer room of the church where I could rest till the evening service. In the afternoon the dean of the college came in and seeing my condition prayed that God would spare my life until the evening service.

When the service began I was placed at the side of the altar on a cot. In my moments of consciousness I prayed God would save my husband and heal my body. It seemed I was only semi-conscious. My body felt cold and numb. Cold sweat stood out over my entire body.

After Bro. Branham had delivered his message, he called the prayer line. While he was praying for the people in the prayer line, God began to show him something. He asked the audience to be reverent. He said, 'I see a large building with a tall towering spire. This building sits in a city, the city lies in a valley. It is Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. I see a woman who is taken to this clinic by a loved one. She comes from Michigan. She was sent home from this clinic. She has a brain disease which causes a pressure. Bro. Branham then looked around the audience and sees me on the cot and says, 'God Bless You, Sister on the stretcher, it's you. Arise, take up your bed and walk. Jesus Christ has healed you. Go home, you are well and God bless you.

As the Holy Spirit spoke through Bro. Branham I felt as though a hand was laid on my head. I could never describe how I felt. Words can't describe that touch. It was as though a cleansing fire went from top of my head through the soles of my feet. The power and presence of the Lord came upon me, strength went through my body and I was made completely whole. How I praise God for His goodness to me.

That night my husband accepted the Lord as his Savior, and it is our desire to serve Him till He calls us home.

I am writing this testimony three years after my healing and I want to thank God as I never have a headache or pain of any kind in my head. I can truly say Jesus Christ is my Savior, Healer, Baptiser and Friend. He is my all in all. It is my prayer that this testimony may help someone to trust God who does all things well.

Your Sister in Christ,

Mrs. Wesley Everleigh

St. Ignace, Mich.

P.S. I would like to thank Bro. Jos. Mattson Boze, pastor of the Philadelphia Church in Chicago for his kindness and words of encouragement when I needed it most. God bless him is our prayer.

Keep your eye on this website. In the days to come, we will post a testimony from a brother who met Sister Everleigh many years later.

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