One of our favorite things to receive here at branham.org is your feedback. This is our connection to God’s children that we serve. We like to hear about what encourages you, what changes we can make, and what you would like added to this website. Your input continually gives us ideas, testimonies for articles, fills us in on news around the world, and also encourages us to keep pressing on.

Here are some excerpts of encouraging feedback we have received over the past few weeks. The Bride says things so well! 

What a wonderful example of motherhood. Because of her dedication to the Lord Jesus, the world was blessed by two of her sons. I am praying God will bless her lineage who is living today somewhere in the world and bring this Message across their paths. May God reveal Himself to them by this end time Word He spoke through His prophet, Brother Branham.

This is so beautiful, so touching; I was crying while reading it. I am grateful to be associated with such a woman of God.

What an amazing story! Lord, help me behave like this blessed saint in my everyday life as a wife and mother. Thank you for this posting. I homeschool my 13-year-old son, and face more distractions than ever when I homeschooled my older two sons together a few years ago. It seems harder than ever. I never knew the particular difficulties Susanna Wesley faced. Thank you again for sharing this. I will keep on keeping on, by His grace.

This was one of the best testimonies ever! We serve a mighty God! Thanks for sharing.

This was such an enjoyment to read! This could have been a real story right from the pages of the Bible! Like that old, but, wonderful song states: "They that WAIT upon the Lord SHALL renew their strength”!

I really needed this at this time. Punch number 3 on the devil- the Living Word!

I was just thinking right now how this testimony is a stepping stone for believers. Maybe there's some believer out there right now or that will soon go through a similar test, wondering about God's timing. But once again, we see how God is always on time.

Then Jesus came.

What is unheard of for the unbeliever, is heard in the Good News on branham.org for the Message believer!

I am so thankful to my living God who redeemed my life from destruction. I am also thankful to all saints who prayed for me (James 5:16). I have only this to say and that is, “Precious LORD take my hand, lead me and let me be at your will.” (Brother Simon from the testimony)

God bless you Sister, welcome Home. God can use anything.

I know this sister, and I just wanted to testify that she is as real, true, and saintly as a Christian could be. I love and admire her very much. What a blessing to read how the Lord revealed His Message to her and brought her to where she is today.

Wonderful testimony, I remember how hard it was to leave my pants too! But it was one of the most amazing things, between the thousands, that God has done for me!

Oh, what hope this gives me for my husband!

I am encouraged, because I was also going through hair loss 10 months after giving birth.

Amen! It sure has encouraged us! I am sending this testimony out to certain family members right away!

I too have stomach problems and hair loss, but not anymore - by faith!

God, make me and mold me into a lily for You.

This is one testimony I have never forgotten.

Amazing! I'm speechless! ALL roads lead to this Message if you are really seeking the Truth and the Lord Jesus has called you. I cannot wait to talk to Brother Mordecai about his experience with Pastor Lily.

That's my God that came on the scene and went to battle for those dedicated brothers who risked their lives to bring the Message to others.

This is such a touching testimony! I never knew why but I've always loved hippos. In this case, they were God's warriors of the water; water of the Word! God can even use hippos.

A God who scatters pirates in disarray by commanding an army of hippos, which isn't different from a God who shuts the mouths of lions. This is the same God, and Jesus Christ is His name!

Awesome testimony! I've been there, trying on my own, the human way of doing something without praying about the situation, thinking that I can do it myself. I used to get to the point of high frustration before realizing that I needed the Lord to help me in a situation. Then, I would humble myself and pray about it, and He would take over from there. Now, when a situation arises, I try to remember to talk to the Lord about it right off instead of wasting energy trying to do it myself, in my own way. It can be very humbling, but it's what I need!

We forget to go to that ever-present Rock first sometimes. But He's always there waiting for us to "ask, and it will be given."

She has had such a difficult life, and she starts out her testimony, "God has really blessed me beyond words!" What a warrior!

Praise God, sister! You are an amazing testimony! We are believing with you that you'll hold that sweet little boy soon!

In its simplicity, this testimony is powerful. In a few words, it speaks of a lifetime of unshaken faith in God. I am blessed.

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