There are testimonies that give you courage, some that make you cry, and others apply directly to your life. And then there are some that put a big smile on your face. Here are a few of those smiles.

Oh, Bill.

Here not long ago a great big Cadillac pulled up to the door, you know, and said… And I was whiskers, and dirty, and I was washing the windows outside. And the man said, “How do you do, sir.” Said, “Could you tell me where Reverend Branham is now?”

I said, “That's his wife right there. You might ask her.”

And she just liked to drop. She looked at me. She didn't know what to say. Said, he… She just happened to be…

He said, “Where's his next meeting?”

And she told him, and she walked away and said, “Oh, Bill.”

Brother Branham, 62-0714

God Fixes The Little Things

Our microwave quit working, and I tried everything I knew to fix it: unplugged it and plugged back in, pushed all buttons a few times, showed my husband, doing it all again and again. Nothing would work. He didn't want to get rid of it, so he had a conversation with his Dad, “Mr. Fix-it.” Well, we were told that it would probably cost more to fix it than It's worth. A week had passed without using it, but no professional had come to fix it. My daughter, Sarah, said, "Let's lay hands on the microwave and pray, you know God fixes the little things." So, we did. She said, “Now use it,” I tried, and nothing happened. She touched the 2-minute button, and it came on! I said, “How did you do that?"

Now we are making popcorn! Praise the Lord!

Sister Kellar, USA

Who Are You Voting For?

A couple of days before the election, I was putting a witnessing poster on a telephone pole by a bus stop. It was very near a traffic light. A man in a pickup truck stopped at the light. With his window down, he yelled, "Donald Trump," probably assuming I was placing a political poster. I didn't respond. Then he yelled "Who are you voting for?" So, I yelled "Jesus!" He said, "Who?" I repeated, "Jesus!” He smiled.

Brother Clifton, USA


Thank The Lord for the restoration of your computer (article posted on December 15, 2016). It brings me comfort knowing there will be no computers in heaven or if there are, they will always work right and we will know how to work them.

Anonymous, USA

A Big Eater

Just before he died, he called for his brother, Luke. The Moody Bible, up there at Chicago, had sent down a—a little quartet to sing for him. And Paul always had a sense of humor. I guess you knew Paul, how…

And Luke was worse than he was. Luke was such a great big cutup, you could never tell when he was sincere. He used to go into the restaurant, and they had… when they had this… What is it, Gene, you call this stuff that you had, kind of long? You know, wrap around, wrap around, they got it in little blocks now. Some kind—some kind… No it's a—it's a breakfast cereal, Shredded Wheat. They used to have them little long things like that and he called them doll mattresses. He told the lady, “Bring me some doll mattresses.” He was an awful eater. And he said to the lady one morning…

Said, “What'll you have?” A little southern girl.

He said, “Well, I'll take a half a dozen of eggs and a pound of ham and about ten biscuits.”

She patted her little foot, she said, “Now when you make up your mind to tell me what you want…”

He said, “That's what I want,” and he was a big eater.

“That,” Brother Bosworth said, “that's what he wants.”

He said, “What's the matter? Aren't you used to feeding men down here in the south?”

She said, “Yes, sir, but not filling silos.” He had quite a sense of humor.

Brother Branham, 61-0212M


I was sitting on the couch with my little boy listening to one of the October tape quizzes. As we are listening, Brother Branham says, "Jesus took men who didn’t even know their ABC’s, and anointed them with the Holy Spirit." My little boys says, "Did they take me?" I asked, "Why?" He says, "Because I didn't even learn my ABC's." I had to laugh. It was so cute!

Sister Grigg, USA

Lesson Learned

My husband and I never lock our doors, and last night the dog was barking at midnight and wanted out. When I went back to bed, my husband's phone was playing a Message, and Brother Branham was telling the story about the man with all the gold and how the dog was warning the man and he shot his dog. I got back up and locked our doors.

Sister Gagnon, USA

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