Letters From Prisoners

We all love to read them! Those prisoners have a special way of saying things. Here are a few excerpts from recent letters received by our Prison Ministry.

Enclosed are a few stamps, it is an honor and privilege to send them. There was a time when I had money but never gave the Lord a second thought. Now, I don't have any money, and I am excited when I can send what I have to the Store House. I feel so humbled to be able to read the prophet's words and to understand his language, not like a high priest, but a common man would talk. Brothers, these sermons are priceless and I thank you for your ministry.

(Many prisoners send their tithes/offerings in postage stamps. Our shipping department often uses these stamps for postage for shipments to other prisoners.)


I had written you five years ago for a free book. I want to tell you that over these years, you have sent me many books, but that first one, that Church Age book was the one that opened my eyes to the Light. It was bate on the hook that caught me up into a new life of Truth through our Lord Jesus Christ. I am still reading it and holding on. 


Forgive me if I requested too many books, but our chapel library has a section just devoted to Brother Branham's sermons, and I am trying to fill the gaps. I want you to know that it is one of the most popular sections, especially for the new inmates and us old timers also.


Another inmate blessed me with a few of your sermons by Brother Branham. These are the most awesome books I have ever read. Most people I know don't read the Bible cause it's, well hard to read it. But Brother Branham just spells everything out so simple you would have to be trying not to understand. Like the names, I got that right away see, I am a son, and I have brothers. I am not called either son or brother, but Turner. Can't understand that? Get real man. It just goes on and on. 


I wish to thank you for the gift of books and DVDs you sent us. I cannot begin to explain what it means to the inmates; they appreciate Brother Branham's insight into the Gospel so much, we can count on weeks of discussion groups as they explore the material. You make my job a lot easier.

(Prison Chaplain)


I always counted myself an expert on Daniel, and when someone offered me the choice of the Church Ages or Seventy Weeks, of course, I jumped on the Weeks. Mistake? well not really. Everything I thought I knew was wrong. Of course, you could say my opinion verses his, but no! Everything Brother Branham brings forth is covered and backed up by Scriptures! You cannot disprove Truth, don't try, I did, I know. So now I am afraid to try the Church Age Book. How could we get so far away from the Truth, how? 

South Africa

I looked over my life and how far I fell. Some say I was an embarrassment to humanity, which used to get me mad. I read the story of the prodigal son and laughed. I passed him years ago on my path down. I have become sub-human. I broke probation and was pulled in. They hosed me down, I needed it. I knew this was the end. Breaking probation was automatic eight years, a few more added, plus they could get me as a habitual offender, automatic 20 years on top. That would have been life for me. So, this fellow said here you need this, a book by Lindsay, Man Sent From God. I don't know what it was, but that book shook me so bad like I had the DTs (detox), but I've been dry for months, but all the symptoms were there. I was out; I remember crying out to Jesus and praying so hard. Woke up on a cot in the clinic two days later, they had no idea as bloodwork was clean. I cleaned up, and for the first time, I felt clean. Went back to my cell, started reading again. My insides were jittering, and my eyes were watering. This is the most powerful book I ever held. I got down and just prayed, whatever it was I thanked God. I thank you for making these books available. On top of that, my lawyer stopped by, said the judge ruled on my case while I was out. He said it's a miracle. I got one year in confined rehab, plus 18 months in a Faith-Based Camp. Praise the Lord! 


I conduct class every two weeks on Revelation, been for about two years. So, for two years there were no problems, then this new guy shows up. Well, we are going along and I see him shaking his head. The class is almost over and I ask if he has something to say, "wise guy." He said, "I was just wondering what Bible you are using." I said, "After class I'll show you if you like." Well, after class he comes up and I say, "This is no place for wise guys, this is serious." He starts talking about Revelations, Church Ages, the Seals, Souls under the Altar. I said, "Hold it, what are you some Dr. of Divinity or such, because nobody knows these things, it's all conjecture." Then he grabs my Bible and starts showing me my errors. I ask, "How you know this?" He smiles so big. I think, "Here it comes." He just says, "There is a prophet in the land," and shoves two books in my hand and walks off. Brother, I still have class but now I read from the Seals, for there is a prophet in the land.


Brothers I just wanted to say how I appreciate your work. Many in here have seen their lives changed because of this ministry of Truth.


From what I understand and believe, you just have to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. I mean, that He is the Word and God of all things. Simple, but I find sometimes it's best to keep what you believe to yourself, some people don't like to hear the Truth.


I've noticed lately that times have changed. The ones that I know believe Brother Branham started keeping more and more to themselves. Was a time when we'd sit at a table and talk about the latest book, but now I kind of wander back to the bunk and read the books. I wondered why they are doing this. Then it came to me, I do the exact same thing. I'd rather get myself, lost in the Message, than talk to someone else. I stopped a friend and asked him the question. He said, "Remember when you'd sit at the tables, and they would ask you what you're reading and a conversation would start, now they just walk away. Even the new guys could care less." We just looked at each other and said, "Cast your pearls." Yep, and returned to our bunks to get lost in the Message.


Brother Branham was a true prophet of the Lord! If there was ever a doubt, just turn on the news, and you will see everything he foretold come to pass. This Message is so alive today.


I blamed my hard life as the reason I ended up here. Poor me, they even sent me to self-worth class to improve my depression. Never changed me at all. Some kind person gave me Brother Branham's Life Story book. I was so embarrassed, I cried almost the whole book. I thought, how he could live through all that. I prayed to God to forgive my self-centeredness, my poor-me attitude, and make me a new creature. Brothers, I am so blessed. Somehow God's prophet came to me, of all people. He lifted me up and said, "Child of God, get straight and look only on me, never on yourself." I thank you all for keeping this Message going out, keeping it before the people as a True Witness.


Really love this Message, and it's been around twenty years you been faithfully sending me the books. I remember back when we were allowed cassettes and you would send them to me. Now we are not allowed any audio, except the radio. Those cassettes, just something special. No matter how you felt, hearing that voice just took everything away, never a voice like that. I think of how softly he would talk doing the prayer lines and then sound so frustrated at the rejection he felt, speak a storm away and call squirrels into existence. Kind of like me, his voice called me into existence, wow just thought of that. Anyway, rumor has it that some of us long termers will be released soon. I plan to come to the church and raise my hands up with the brethren. It's a few years off yet, as I have to serve a year at stepdown to prepare for the world. See I've been here since I was 20, I'm now 61 years old. A few years have changed, but God's brought me this far, and He is not going to quit on me now. So, watch I'll be there.

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