The Eagles Gathering Together

Dear Hewed Out Bride,

God had recognized that there was a people on earth that He predestinated to Life. He recognized that this was the time to send His Message through His messenger to call out His Bride. He has done it. Now His Bride has recognized our day and Its Message, and has recognized who we are, the Original production of the Word.

We are that Bride that came into preview before the prophet. The very same-looking Bride that passed at the beginning. When he saw us, his heart jumped for joy, to know that there is a Bride that will stay with The Word. When he saw us, we were made of the same thing, and clothed in the same thing as the One that was at the beginning: the Alpha and Omega. We are that perfect Word Bride.

God has chopped out His Bride, hewed Her from the rest of the churches through His prophet, by the Word. Now, after two thousand years, and according to His promised Word that He would do in the last days, He has visited the camp again. He has visited the camp to manifest His Word for today, just like He did in Moses’ day. As it was then, so is it now. That was not Moses doing that; Moses was a man. It was Christ.

What did it do? It disturbed the priests, to see them people leaving the churches and going. He said, “If any of you attend His meeting, you’ll be excommunicated. We’ll put you right out of the denomination.”

Notice, “As Jannes and Jambres also withstood Moses,” he’ll come right along, some of them. Not, now, he’s not talking about Methodist, Baptist, here; they’re out of the picture. See?

But what is taking place with the Bride? We’re gathering together from around the world. We are made up of all over the country; from New York, from Massachusetts, Maine, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, and around the country and around the world. We’re Eagles gathering together. “It shall be Light about the evening time.”

As a young boy I always wondered, “Lord, how will you bring your Church together like you did Your first Church?” “I read in Your Word, You always brought them together when you wanted to unite them.” “Will You bring everyone to Jeffersonville?” “How will you do that?” “Will we all need to be gathered in the one place?”

Now it has been revealed to me, it’s not gathering His Bride together in one physical place, it’s not the Holy Mountain, the Holy place, THE BRIDE IS GATHERING AROUND HIS WORD, for that is the ONLY PLACE the Bride can unite.

God has stopped the world to make His Word come to pass. Satan is trying to stop it; trying to make fun of it. He tries to make the people fear that if they listen to the tapes, they will be excommunicated, lost. But he can’t stop what is happening.

“Get away! I have the message of the king.” Amen. “I’m the king’s messenger,” a vindicated Word. I thought, “Satan, get out of my way! I have the King’s Message. I must go.”

It’s the King’s Message. Let’s recognize It, friends, for we are called to gather together for the sounding of the Trumpet. “For the Trumpet of the Lord shall sound, then time shall be no more.”

There is no greater joy, no greater anointing, than to be sitting together in Heavenly places with the Bride around the world, listening to the Voice Of God speak through His vindicated messenger and speak the Word of Eternal Life.

Remember in my vision? I said, “If Paul’s people goes in, so will mine, because I done just exactly like he did.” I’m staying right with It. Them millions throwed their hands, saying, “We are resting on that!”

The Eagles will once again be gathering this Sunday at 2:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, to hear Christ Himself speak to us through His vindicated messenger. The Word we are resting on. Come join us as we hear Him warn the world that they must be: Recognizing Your Day And Its Message 64-0726M

Bro. Joseph Branham


Scriptures to read before hearing the Message:

Hosea 6
Malachi 4:5-6
II Timothy 3


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