The Little Things

But He remains God. Why didn’t He use His Power on the lepers at the gate, instead of the little fig tree? What is it to do? God wants to show that He’s concerned. He knows all things. He’s God, over the fig tree. He’s God, over the fish. He’s God, over creation. He’s God, over all things, and there’s nothing too little or too insignificant but what He’s interested in.

59-1115 My New Ministry

The little things, why do these short stories mean so much to us? Because every one of us goes through these situations on a weekly, or even a daily basis. If we can ask the Lord for help with the big things, can’t we ask Him for help with the little things?

We received this testimony from a brother in Pennsylvania who locked his keys in his car.

This may seem so little to some, but to me it was a real miracle!

This past Saturday I was at my brother’s land along with my cousins, helping him out with building his garage. I was the last one to arrive and had them blocked in, as I was parked in the driveway which has trees on both sides. My cousin had to go to work that afternoon, and I needed to move my car so he could leave. When I went to move my car, I realized I had locked my keys inside.

I hadn't memorized the keyless entry yet but had it in the notes on my phone, which was unfortunately locked in the car as well. I tried my best to remember the number but I couldn't for anything. I rested my head on my arm against the car and prayed, but I'll admit that my faith was rather weak because it just seemed impossible.

After punching random numbers into the car door’s keypad and trying to figure it out, we decided it would be best just to call my mom to bring my spare key because my cousin had to leave. So, I called my mom and my cousins and I were talking while we were waiting. One of my cousins had her back rested on my car with her arm behind her back just playing with the keyless entry, punching numbers as we were talking. All of the sudden it made a pop like it unlocked the door.

We checked but nothing was unlocked, so we went back to talking. A minute or so later it popped again, and this time the driver door was unlocked! We all looked at each other in disbelief and shock! It was like a “No way, did that just happen?” moment! What an answer to prayer and a real miracle!

I just couldn't stop thanking the Lord for what He did! The code is five numbers long and there are so many possible combinations, only He could have guided my cousin's hand behind her back to unlock the door!

Praise the Lord! He is always present and cares about the little things!

Pennsylvania, USA

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