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Just what I needed today. Some days satan's lies just seem to overwhelm me. Thank you for choosing to post this article. God truly does care!

Just exactly what I needed right now.

I was sitting alone thinking about the situation I was in and I was fighting that nasty thought the devil likes to put in your mind sometimes: “nobody cares.” I tried to ignore it and opened my phone’s bookmarks to your website, and what was the heading on the website? “He Careth For You,” and the amazing little testimony to follow.

WOW, what wonderful testimony! God is always on time! This strengthens my faith, and JESUS Knows I needed to hear this testimony.

What a stand! This meant so much to me to read! Give me boldness, is my prayer!

What a hero!

My faith has been encouraged while reading your testimony. Your life is just like your name, "Lily". Truly He'll never forsake us.

It keeps me in tears the whole time reading this testimony. What an anointing it is when you read about God's marvelous hand upon His children!

This lil' Sis's testimony has really touched me and has again reminded me that God has already made my trial a blessing. I'm looking for a VICTORIOUS OUTCOME!

It did encourage me, my sister. This reminded me that I'm already healed, even though one doesn't see results now but the mountain is on the way to being moved from grain to tons.

This testimony truly gave me the courage to keep holding on and to know that God has already healed my headaches, my chest, my stomach and my neck.

It sure does, Sister Judy. I'm still waiting for mine to be manifested: a new tooth and a new pair of eyes with 20/20 vision.

Wow, I continually play this song. It’s so wonderful and so inspired! I play this a few times over before I have Quiet Time. It sets the mood and makes the atmosphere just perfect.

Wow, the singer and the song sound Angelic!

This boosted my faith. The Lord knows that I need this testimony to comfort me and remind me during my sickness.

Beautiful testimony. Beautiful song. Beautiful sister. Just beautiful.

This reminds me so much of when I was introduced to this Message. My mom told me there was a prophet and a Message. I thought she was CRAZY. I went online and read all the negative things and tried to convince her that what she believed was wrong. Well, instead of arguing she would only tell me, "Just read one of the books". So, we ordered "What Shall I Do With This Jesús Called Christ." After reading it, I was absolutely 100 percent sure that my mom was indeed CRAZY, and apparently so was I, because I absolutely believed every word of it!

Brother Joshua, this was so encouraging to me! Thank you so much for sharing this! God Bless you brother and I pray that the Lord helps you more and more, and you grow in the Word of the Lord!

What a chilling testimony for such a young man.

That's a miracle working God we serve.

Such a wonderful God we serve. The Lord has spared me many times from accidents on my job. I work for myself and by myself most of the time. How faithful He is to watch over us.

So proud of our sister. This is inspiring for our teenagers. Thank you!

Praise God, this is a great testimony. I know this sister very well, along with her parents and pastor. I want to thank God for her and the other sisters in Nigeria who still stand by their Faith. We here in Nigeria still solicit prayers for our youths on this one-year national service in the country.

Another encouragement! Praise be to God! Truly it’s not easy but if only we’ll stand for Him, NO ONE CAN STAND AGAINST US!

An amazing demonstration of a true dedication to their beliefs. Their country should be proud to have had in their camp these two brave, courageous soldiers of the Cross. Very impressive stand for ones so young. I’m proud to be associated with them through the Message that we believe!

That stirs my heart to keep pressing toward the mark of the high calling of Christ!

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