Letters From Prisoners

This prison mailbag is full again! Here are a few excerpts letters from prisoners here in the United States.

I didn’t know if Jesus loves me. Someone told me Jesus loves me. I heard a song, Jesus loves me. I read in the Bible that Jesus loves me. I still didn’t know Jesus loves me until He came and revealed to me that Jesus loves me, loved me before the world began and came that He might prove His Love for me by giving His Life for me. Then I loved Him too, and invited Him to take His rightful place as Lord and Saviour in my heart. Now I know Him, and He knows me. It’s a family relationship, not just a friendly acquaintance.

Leron, TX

Though I have heard Brother Branham speak on tape only a few times in the past 14 years, yet I can always hear him in my mind. I look forward to the freedom to have a Hero Tablet and to hear the Voice of God in my ears once again. Seventeen months if I am not paroled first.

Leron, TX

The Lord bless thee and keep thee: the Lord make His face to shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: the Lord lift up His countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.

Damian, CA

I could go on and on for many pages, but let me attempt to bring this to a close. As a believer, my heart and soul long for that Spiritual Food. In these days we live in, there is such a famine in all the world for the Word of God. I pray that God will richly bless each and every one of you. I will continue to speak to whomsoever will listen, and share the books and tape with all that hunger.

Paul, NM

This virus kind of shows how dependent on God we are. Each of us depends on Him for any blessings this life brings. I’m so happy you folks came into my life.

Rodney, CA

I am reading the Exposition of the Seven Church Ages right now. I love the Word of God and the way Mr. Branham spoke through the Holy Spirit. I wish I could have met him. These sermons have helped me a lot.

Chris, TX

I will be released from prison soon to San Diego, and I have been studying the message of William Marrion Branham for some 20 odd years. I believe the message with my whole heart. I’m not perfect, but like Brother Branham said, I keep putting in a new shell and pulling the hammer in hopes that our Lord will fire the gun. I will not give up.

Damion, CA
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