Confidence In The Lord

Now, I do not take the place of a doctor. God gave us doctors and that we're thankful for. But I am to try to work with the doctor. If the doctor has given you all the medicine he knows how to give, and you can't get well, or you are past his medical knowledge, then I feel that we have a right to go to God and ask God to help us. He's—He's the great Physician Who promised He would do it.

57-0804A The Great Commission

The following testimony is from a sister who did not have full confidence in her doctors, but instead of placing that confidence in the Lord, she tried to heal herself with home remedies.

I wanted to take a moment to thank God for what He did for me. For about two years I suffered with skin boils. What would start out as a tiny blemish would turn into a huge painful boil. It would make me afraid every time I noticed a scratch or blemish on my skin, because I knew there was a big possibility it would get worse. Some cases were the worst pain I've ever experienced! (I can't imagine how much pain Job was in.) Some would take a month to finally heal. Several landed me at the emergency care and the doctor, who would simply prescribe an antibiotic and send me on my way.

Now, I'm not really one to take a lot of medication. I prefer to find a natural way to deal with ailments. During this time, I would pray for healing and wear my prayer cloth. But at the same time, I would look for reasons why this skin condition was happening and research what types of natural remedies would get rid of it. I used essential oils every time I would find a tiny blemish. The boils became less severe, but every few months one or two would reappear.

Finally, while listening to a tape one morning during my quiet time, Brother Branham prayed this prayer.

Now, God, we are Your shepherds. We are not men of knife operations or of—of medicine cures. We have a very humble little thing, a slingshot. But that’s what You’ve put in our hand, a slingshot of prayer. The enemy has come in and grabbed a hold of God’s sheep. It’s grabbed fathers, and mothers, and children, dragging now through the bushes; retarded minds, and blind, and cancer-eaten, and devils.

Satan, this little slingshot of prayer seems very simple, but I know what it’ll do. I’m coming after that sheep tonight, to bring it back. Come out. Let him alone. Come out of that person, thou evil spirit of sickness, and leave him. I adjure thee, in the Name of Jesus Christ, leave, and don’t come back to them any more. May God of Heaven rebuke thee, Satan.

Jesus of Nazareth said, “If you say to this mountain, ‘Be moved,’ and don’t doubt in your heart, but believe what you said, you shall have what you’ve said.” Therefore, in the Name of Jesus Christ, I speak deliverance to every one here. By the…

Satan, you might say we have not the authority to do this. We’re holding up to you the Ensign tonight, Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit is here, proving that this is God’s Ensign, and you’ve lost the battle. Come out, in the Name of Jesus Christ.

62-0119 An Ensign

It was while I was listening to this tape that I realized I hadn't given my healing completely to Him. Part of me was trying to find a way through a natural cure. Even though I wasn't putting my faith in doctors and their medicine, I had been putting it in these oils and natural remedies. Even though I had asked God to be my Physician, I hadn’t fully taken His remedy. I was using my own.

During that prayer, I gave my healing completely over to Him. After Brother Branham prayed for me, I immediately stopped using these remedies entirely, and I'm thankful to Him that I have not had a single boil develop since. Praise the Lord! God is so good! He wants to be our everything, and He'll be our Great Physician, if we only let Him. God bless you all!

Sister Amber


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