Month In Pictures

Here are some pictures from our representatives around the world.



1 - Angola

Some brothers came together to receive and read a letter from Brother Joseph announcing Brother Aristides Eurico as new VGR representative for Angola.

2 - Angola

Quite a few brothers and sisters in Angola, made sure they didn’t miss the opportunity to participate in the wonderful Creations project of the Supernatural Cloud. As you can see, they did a great job.

3 - Cameroon

What an exciting day it was for the brothers and sisters in Cameroon, as they joyfully participated in the Supernatural Cloud Creations project.

4 - Cameroon

In the forest of Cameroon, some of the young people from ages 4 to 28, gathered to do their Quiet Time and to listen to the Message, One In A Million.

5 - Republic of Congo

The youth in Congo Brazzaville were very excited to work on the Supernatural Cloud Creations project.

6 - Republic of Congo

Some brothers and sisters in Brazzaville had a wonderful time participating in some of the Creations projects.

7 - Republic of Congo

Many youth in the district of Nzassi, attended a Creations class On Monday, May 17th, where they worked on the Noah’s Ark project.

8 - Democratic Republic Of The Congo

The youth in the Democratic Republic of Congo are joining in with believers from all over the world in taking part of the Creations projects and activities.

9 - Democratic Republic Of The Congo

Brother Jerome Kabemba, a Tape Boy from Democratic Republic of Congo, recently visited the village of Bakwasumpi and played the Message, Going Beyond The Camp. He returned the following Sunday and played the Message, “That Day On Calvary”. After service, they walked over 6 miles to get to the water to baptize 19 people.

10 - Equatorial Guinea

Some brothers and sisters in Equatorial Guinea recently worked on the Creations project of the Supernatural Cloud.

11 - Ghana

The Ghana office has remained busy with recordings.

12 - Nigeria

Agapao tablet distribution.

13 - Sierra Leone

A group of believers were happy to receive some printed books and witnessing tracts.

14 - Tanzania

The Dar es Salaam, VGR office recently received their initial shipment of 4,001 Agapao Tablets.
Getting ready for distribution, the brothers at the office recently trained a group of brothers on getting the tablets updated with the most current Swahili sermons available, and batteries charged.
We are extremely excited to see this distribution begin for our precious brothers and sisters in Tanzania.

15 - Togo

Some of the youth in Togo joining themselves with so many other believers throughout the world enjoying the Creations projects.

16 - Togo

Brother Ezéchiel Mayele traveled an hour from the capital city of Lomé to the Shalom Tabernacle and witnessed to the congregation about the importance of listening to the Tapes, Young Foundations, and the Eagles Gathering Together letters from Brother Joseph. The congregation received it with open arms, and almost 30 YF accounts were created.

17 - Togo

Many brothers and sisters in Togo are overflowing with joy as they receive their Agapao Tablets during a recent distribution trip.

18 - Zambia

First stop of a week-long Agapao tablet Distribution Trip - The brothers are set to distribute 1200-1500 tablets.

19 - Zambia

Quiet Time in Ndola, Zambia.

20 - Zambia

Tape service in Lusaka.

21 - South Africa

The Afrikaans Agapao tablets continue to be distributed to the believers of the towns of Ceres, De Aar and Wellington.

22 - South Africa

Outreach in Chris Hani Park.



1 - Cambodia

Our VGR representative in Cambodia has continued to encourage the believers to download and use the Khmer Table App!

2 - India

Young people in India participated in the Easter Creations projects.

3 - India

April 12th to the 18th, Brother John, our Malayalam translator, travelled to several small churches and local groups scattered throughout Chattisgarh and Odisha. He played the Hindi messages Be Certain of God and Enticing Spirits and followed up on previous tract and message distributions. All total 22 more souls accepted the Lord Jesus Christ and His message for today and were baptized.



1 - Australia

The following are pictures from Creations activities for the month of May.

Central America


1 - El Salvador

Tablet distribution continues in San Miguel, El Salvador along with Cub Corner magazines for the children.

2 - Mexico

Agapao tablet distribution continued in the state of Quintana Roo.

3 - Mexico

Brother German and sister Elsa Calva are also distributing Agapao tablets in the Yucatan. They will be delivering over 300 tablets on this trip.

South America


1 - Paraguay

Tablet distribution continues in Paraguay.

2 - Peru

Our representative sent us these pictures of Believers visiting the VGR office, holding tape services in several churches and having baptisms.

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