The Right Approach

There's an approach to approach that judge, and you've got to come that approach. And there's approach you've got to come to God. If you come to a gift of God, you've got to come in the right mental attitude. You've got to come the right approach, or you won't receive nothing when you come.

60-0703 "Blind Batimaeus"

The Bible instructs us to humble ourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift us up (James 4:10). Brother Branham told us that the right mental attitude toward any divine promise of God will bring it to pass. One of the best examples of approaching God in the right way is when the Syrophenician woman approached Jesus. Jesus initially ignored her requests for her suffering daughter, and even compared the woman to a dog. But she showed her character by humbling herself and making the following statement, "Yes, Lord: yet the dogs under the table eat of the children's crumbs." We all know what happened next. (Matt 15 and Mark 7)

The following is a testimony from a sister in Mexico who had the right attitude towards the Lord and His gifts to us.

God had granted me the great blessing of being at Still Waters last year (2017). When 2018 began, I was excited for the camp registration. We had a family altar, where my father decided to have everyone pray aloud for a request of their own. I remembered the camp and began to pray, asking God for His perfect will and letting Him know that it was my desire to go. My voice broke and I began to cry as I prayed. I could not contain my tears, as I remembered all the spiritual blessings that I had received at Still Waters last summer.

When registration day came, my points in YF were not enough, so I got on the waiting list. I was sad, but in my heart I knew that someone else deserved that place. I knew that God had been merciful to let me come to Still Waters the year before, and that the blessing would fall on someone more in accordance with the will of God this year. I was sad, but if that was God's plan, it was enough for me.

To avoid prolonged sadness, I talked to my parents about going to visit my family in Canada, but I was waiting for a check to get my ticket. It was June and check was delayed, so I did not buy my flight. The summer vacation had started, and I was resigned to spending it at home. One Friday afternoon my cousin told my aunt that a miracle was going to happen for me to enter the camp. The following morning they received a notification from Still Waters, saying that I had made it into camp!

When my father received the news, he began to cry and he called me saying that God had moved His great economy; my flight was already bought (my uncles made it possible). I was in shock, I could not believe it, my flight was leaving in 24 hours! I had not even packed.

When I arrived at Louisville, I got off the plane, hugged my aunt and started crying; God had done a miracle.

Still Waters Camp 2018 was a life changing experience for me. God let me know that He loves me and His grace and mercy are with me. The worldly stuff is over, and now I am IDENTIFIED with HIM more than ever.

I thank God for all those who make Still Waters possible. It is a place of refuge for young people at this time, where in peace you can feel the presence of God in every corner.

God always exceeds our expectations. He not only allowed me to be in the camp, but He gave me the enormous joy of being in the services and prayer time every Wednesday at the Branham Tabernacle during the summer. Isn’t our God great?

He gave me much more than I deserved, more than I expected. He is the God rich in mercy, we just have to be still and know that He is our God.

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