The Little Things

Now, nobody can explain God. You have to accept God by faith, because if it isn’t faith, then it isn’t God. If I could explain God, then I would be equal with Him. And now, we cannot do that. We don’t attempt to. But the little things that He’s give us, we just take His promise, and believe It, and watch it work out just exactly the way He said It would do It. And if we’ll do that, I’m sure we’ll see the glory of God.

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We thank the Lord for the big things, but we should never forget the little things He does for us every day. The glory of the Lord is not always expressed in parting the Red Sea or raising the dead. It is usually in everyday life. From morning to night, we should be able to see God working in every aspect of our lives. This brother had a small, simple request for the Lord, and would like to share how our Lord Jesus is always mindful.

I drive a truck for a living. I’m gone through the week and home on the weekend. Sometimes it’s Friday morning, afternoon, evening, or it’s Saturday morning when I get home.

A while back, around mid-week, my wife told me she had a surprise planned for me on Saturday and was hoping that I could make it home Friday. I prayed and asked the Lord if He would allow me to get home Friday. This wasn’t about me, it was about her and her plans.

The week went on, and by Thursday, I knew with the load I had to deliver Friday and where I would end up for a possible reload. I knew possibly I wouldn’t make it home until Saturday morning.

Friday morning, I was making my first drop of the loads. As I was unstrapping and taking the tarp off, I got a phone call from my manager. He tells me that I will be switching loads with another nearby driver because he (driver manager) wouldn’t be able to get me home from where the second load drop was going.

My new load took me to within about 30 minutes from home! I was not only able to get home Friday, but to get home early in the day!

Praise the Lord! I just wanted to share one of the many "Little Things" He did (and has done) for me.

Thank you, Lord!

Bro. Kevin

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