The Little Things

That's what I'm thinking today, friends. We people are so--are so carried away with all the noise, so... America loves noise. Looky what they're doing today. Turn on those old radios, just as hard as they can with rock-and-roll and boogly-woogly, and all that kind of stuff. They got to have it so loud, it'll blast your eardrums out nearly: all the noise, all the time of the day.

59-0301E What Does Thou Here?

It's not only the big things the Lord does for us in our lives, but it's also those little things that mean so much to us. The brother's silent request didn't go unnoticed.

Greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

I would like to share a special testimony that happened to me recently. I was headed down to the barbershop to get my hair cut. As I walked in, there were two barbers open (the shop normally is busy). I walked over to get my haircut and was so overcome of how ungodly the music was. I hadn't had noticed at first, but eventually I found myself tapping my leg. I suddenly realized, "No, wait! That's not right! That's the wrong music!"

So, I prayed silently for the Lord to intervene. The music got worse and worse until I was really fighting hard! Then the Lord reminded me of the skit Bro. Joseph did the day before at the Still Waters camp (youngest group), about calling out to the Lord and rebuking the devil!

I then began to really get serious! I silently prayed, "Lord Jesus, please help me, this music is horrible! Deliver Me Please!"

A few seconds later, all of a sudden, the music completely stopped! No noise. Nothing. Hallelujah! I then began to thank and praise God for his Mercy.

The woman giving the cut said, "Wow, it's really quiet in here!" The devil said, "It'll probably kick back on in a minute." I waited; nothing happened.

The woman made the remark, "That's funny, the radio normally kicks back on after a few minutes when it kicks off."

I sat in that seat the rest of the time, thanking and praising the Lord for peace and quiet and for His Grace to me of what just happened! The woman remarked again how quiet it was. After she finished I walked over to pay for the haircut.

As I was signing the tip on my receipt, the music kicked on again, giving me enough time to thank the woman and exit the premises.

Praise the Lord! He truly is so merciful to US, HIS BRIDE!

I pray this testimony encourages the Bride to keep pressing on, we're almost there!

God Bless You!



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