Month In Pictures

Here are some pictures from our representatives around the world.



1 - Angola

We received some wonderful pictures from a local church in Luanda, Angola where they recently participated in some Creations activities.


2 - Angola

Here are pictures of some very happy brothers from Angola, who are receiving a thank you letter from Brother Joseph.


3 - Angola

Some of the local believers gathered for Quiet Time and a youth activity in Sumbe, Angola.


4 - Angola

Young people from local churches in Angola went for a visit to the VGR office in Luanda. They had a wonderful day hearing about the Work of VGR, and learning about the Agapao Tablets. They also watched the 20th Century Prophet video, they had Quiet Time and learned some of the Songs of the Prophet!


5 - Cameroon

Creations Project – Squirrel Season


6 - Cameroon

Evangelization in the village of Mendong, Cameroon. 12 people accepted to give their life to the Lord after listening to the video the Deep Calleth To The Deep.


7 - Cameroon

The 7 peaks Creations activity from several locations in Cameroon.


8 - Cameroon

Here are some pictures of various Creations activities that happened recently in Cameroon.


9 - Cameroon

Quite a few of the brothers and sisters in Cameroon recently participated in various Creations projects.


10 - Cameroon

Some brothers and sisters recently visited the VGR library in Mamfe, Cameroon. Also, a sister was recently baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ by our Mamfe librarian, Bro. Promise.


11 - Democratic Republic Of Congo

The believers in DRC have been busy with their Creations projects! See their photos of the Token and Corral Peaks Journaling Caddy projects, along with their Red Letter Day worksheets!


12 - Democratic Republic Of Congo

Many brothers and sisters in Kinshasa, DRC participated in Creations activities, including the activity of Brother Branham’s cabin.


13 - Democratic Republic Of Congo

Some of the local youth were very excited to gather in Mbuji-Maya, DRC to watch The Prophet’s Hometown video.


14 - Democratic Republic Of Congo

Tape Boys brought the Word to the Pygmies in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


15 - Democratic Republic Of Congo

Communion service in Kinshasa, DRC. The brethren were very happy to be able to partake with the Branham Tabernacle.


16 - Democratic Republic Of Congo

756 SD cards were distributed in Beni, Butembo and Rutchuru in Eastern DRC.


17 - Equatorial Guinea

Here are some pictures of brothers and sisters both young and old, participating in various Creations activities in Equatorial Guinea.


18 - Equatorial Guinea

A couple of brothers in Bata volunteered to help recharge and update the Agapao Tablets before the first ever Tablet distribution in Equatorial Guinea.


19 - Equatorial Guinea

Tablet distributions have begun in Equatorial Guinea. This is the first time that Agapao Tablets are being distributed in the country!


20 - Gabon

Creations classes in Gabon on the “Fruits of the Spirit”, and “The Future Home” Red Letter Day worksheet.


21 - Gabon

Several Creations activities were held recently in Gabon. Several young people were baptized after the class, Teaching on Moses.


22 - Gabon

Believers in Gabon gathered for a weekend full of activities and concluded with Communion service.


23 - Gabon

Creations Class in Gabon and a Quiet Time in the forest.


24 - Gabon

Young people in Gabon gathered to do the Tape quiz for the Cub Corner Magazine issue #32 and #33.


25 - Gabon

Believers gathered in Moanda, Gabon, to listen to a Tape and then do their Quiet Time.


26 - Ivory Coast

Some brothers and sisters in Ivory Coast did a wonderful job with a recent Creations activity.


27 - Ivory Coast

This church in Ivory Coast wanted to collect an offering to sponsor an Agapao Tablet. With the funds that were collected, they were able to sponsor 3 Agapao Tablets.


28 - Ivory Coast

We give praise to the Lord for some baptisms that recently took place in the Ivory Coast.


29 - Ivory Coast

Some of God’s children gathered for communion and foot washing in Ivory Coast.


30 - Mozambique

Chimoio Mozambique Office SD Card Distribution


31 - Mozambique

Maringue Mozambique Agapao Presentation and Book distribution


32 - Mozambique

Mozambique Agapao Tablet Distribution Trip


33 - Republic of Congo

We loved seeing this little brother’s Red Letter Day worksheet!


34 - Republic of Congo

First Creations activity of the Roc Sanctuaire Tape church in Congo Brazzaville.


35 - Republic of Congo

We recently changed locations of our VGR library in Pointe Noire to a much better facility and location. We believe this will be a huge blessing to the Bride of Christ in the Pointe Noire area.


36 - Republic of Congo

Here are some pictures of Creations classes and YF quizzes in Pointe-Noire & Nzassi, Republic of Congo.


37 - Republic of Congo

Evangelization efforts in the city of Pointe-Noire and Sangha, Republic of Congo.


38 - Republic of Congo

A container filled with 5,000 Agapao Tablets arrived at our VGR office in Congo Brazzaville. The distribution of these Tablets will soon begin.


39 - South Africa

RSA Agapao Presentations


40 - Swaziland

Swaziland Agapao Distribution


41 - Tanzania

Agapao Tablet Distribution


42 - Togo

Annual meeting of the management committee of the VGR in Lomé, Togo, along with the pastors of the Message in Togo, and the sponsors of the VGR.


43 - Togo

Some brothers in Togo recently went on a missionary trip to a village called Kpime Tomegbe to tell the people about the Message.


44 - Togo

Here are the brothers and sisters from a Tape church in Kpoga, Togo.


45 - Zambia

Zambia Southern Province Agapao Trip




1 - Australia

Red Letter Day worksheets in Australia!




1 - India

Agapao Tablet distribution has continued in Tamil Nadu from the VGR office in Chennai and in the remote areas.


2 - Pakistan

The Believers in Karachi, Pakistan held a Family Church Camp. There was a real blessed time of fellowship, singing, Bible Quizzes and games. Several believers were baptized in the Name of the Lord!


South America


1 - Brazil

Tablet distribution continues in the Amazon. Brother Anderson Vieira returned back to continue distribution in some very remote areas of the Amazon.


2 - Brazil

Creations worksheets and a Cub Corner-style birthday party in Brazil!


3 - Colombia

It’s one Red Letter Day after another in Colombia! These believers celebrated with worksheets and Songs Of The Prophet coloring pages from Creations.


4 - Colombia

Agapao Tablet distribution in Puerto Boyaca, Colombia.


5 - Ecuador

Beautiful journaling pages and worksheets from Ecuador!


6 - Paraguay

Brother Jorge Jara is continuing tablet distribution in Paraguay with the latest shipment of Agapao tablets just received.


7 - Paraguay

Believers in Paraguay celebrating some very special Red Letter Days!


8 - Trinidad

The young believers in Trinidad are loving their Red Letter Day worksheets! Check out their handiwork on the “Little Sunfish” and “Squirrel Season” worksheets!


Mexico & Central America


1 - El Salvador

Some of the believers in El Salvador recently held a Creations class on, “Cleaning Up”, after which 3 young believers asked to be baptized! Also enjoy photos the worksheets, sewing, and the “Bunch of Yunk” project, inspired by the recent Branham Tabernacle service 64-0614E The Oddball.


2 - Mexico

YF distribution and tablet follow up trip in central Mexico.


3 - Mexico

The Sanchez family had a youth gathering with over 40 young people from the ages of 9 to 28 years old. The Lord gave them a great time and they were able to enjoy some wonderful fellowship around the Word. There were several different Creations crafts that were done and plenty of activities for all to do!


4 - Mexico

Believers in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico recently had a “Creations Day.” Along with their lessons, they had activities such as archery, Crown & Glory and singing!


North America


1 - United States


Squirrel season just opened up in Indiana, and these young believers in the Jeffersonville area knew just how to celebrate! Check out those photos along with some more Red Letter Days, and the “Bunch of Yunk” project, inspired by the recent Branham Tabernacle service 64-0614E The Oddball.



The believers in Sierra Vista, Arizona recently held a Creations class on “God’s Honey.”


2 - Canada

Creations kids in Canada enjoying the recent Red Letter Day worksheets!