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A Good Report

We received this testimony as feedback on the Young Foundations website (Scoliosis Vs Faith). This sister might be over the age limit of YF, but that didn’t stop her from sharing her testimony of her battle with scoliosis. She didn’t want to miss her opportunity to testify about her healing, and now there are thousands rejoicing with her.

Feedback: Scoliosis_VS_Faith

How I appreciate this testimony! In recent months, YF has posted two or three articles about people with scoliosis and a girl with a crooked back being healed. I'm not a "young" person but I have young children so we're always on the site reading the testimonies (I would be even if I didn't have kids and was 100!)

Anyway, I was diagnosed with scoliosis as a child but never received any treatment or anything. It was just sort of forgotten about. I started noticing, as I got older, that it was harder to stretch and reach toward one side than the other, and I experienced pains in my spine from time to time. One day a friend said, "What's that on your back?" The way I was sitting really made the curvature of my spine look pronounced and I was reminded of the diagnosis I had gotten from a school nurse at age 8.

Life went on but it kept bothering me. I asked why God would let me have such a problem. Surely it wasn't because He just wanted to afflict me, I thought. He means to heal me that He might be glorified. I told my church that I believed He would heal me and started praying for Him to increase my faith. In a different service, while listening to "Be Of Good Cheer," Brother Branham called out a woman with a spinal condition and said, "It left your body just now." I raised my hand and thanked God aloud for healing me. After hearing "Works Is Faith Expressed," I went to my chiropractor and had him take x-rays, telling him I believed I was healed. But I never went back to follow up, because he was in another city and we soon moved even further away. I went to another chiropractor here in Phoenix but failed to testify of my healing.

Well, I felt guilty every time I tried to pray so I made up my mind to go back and testify. When the doctor was adjusting me she said, "I see you have a slight curve of the spine." I told her that at the risk of sounding ridiculous, I had asked God if He would heal me and opened my Bible one night to have my eyes fall right on Isaiah 42:16 that says the Lord will make crooked things straight, and "I just believe that," I said. She said "Wow! Apparently it used to be much worse!" I said, "yes" because to me it's gone, and I'm just waiting for my body to obey my confession.

I haven't testified like I should have, so just yesterday, as I walked into church, something said to me, "here's an opportunity to testify." So I wrote out a testimony and handed it to the deacon. He read it to the congregation and said, "Now if a person really believes what God's done for them, they'll testify of it." How that helped me. I thank the Lord Jesus for suffering so long with me and giving me grace upon grace. I've probably missed countless opportunities to testify, but by His grace, that will change. Brother Branham has taught us that He's the High Priest of our confession, so if we don't confess it, He can't do it for us. Thank you Lord for giving me another chance!

I trust this will help someone along the way. I sure appreciate all that VGR and YF do for the Bride. We pray for these most gallant efforts every day and thank the Lord for each of you that sacrifices your time for us. You surely have great rewards in Glory!