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Desmond Melville de Fortier

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Mozambique Distribution Office
P.O. Box 7938, Son Park, Nelspruit, 1206

Business: +27 (0)13 745 7287
Téléphone : +27 (0)82 822 1918
Courriel : mozambique@vgroffice.org 

Données démographiques

Pretoria (administrative capital)


IsiZulu 23.8%, IsiXhosa 17.6%, Afrikaans 13.3%, Sepedi 9.4%, English 8.2%, Setswana 8.2%, Sesotho 7.9%, Xitsonga 4.4%, other 7.2%

Zion Christian 11.1%, Pentecostal/Charismatic 8.2%, Catholic 7.1%, Methodist 6.8%, Dutch Reformed 6.7%, Anglican 3.8%, Muslim 1.5%, other Christian 36%, other 2.3%, unspecified 1.4%, none 15.1%

Life Expectancy:
42.37 years

GDP per-capita:

Of Interest:
South Africa's coast stretches more than 2,500 kilometres (1,550 mi) across the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. South Africa is one of only 17 countries worldwide considered Megadiverse. It has more than 20,000 different plants, about 10% of all the known species of plants on Earth. VGR has more offices in South Africa than in any other country in the world.

Southern Africa, at the southern tip of the continent of Africa

Personnel sédentaire

Desmond Melville de Fortier

Directeur de bureau

À propos du directeur  :

In 1951, as a young boy of five, together with my mother and grandmother, I had the wonderful opportunity of seeing God's prophet at the Durban City Hall and at the Greyville Race Course. But later in years, when I was a deacon in the Full Gospel Church of God in Durban South Africa, my wife and I were among a small group that found copies of two of Brother Branham's books - "An Exposition Of The Seven Church Ages" and "The Revelation Of The Seven Seals" - in our church library.

To our astonishment and delight, we came to find that there was a greater Message beyond Pentecost. We promptly and unhesitatingly came out of denominationalism, never to return to the fetters of bondage again, by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In 1989, our Lord undertook for my family and myself to leave Durban for the eastern parts of Southern Africa, where we established ourselves as a family in Christ in the city of Nelspruit. The mid 1990's saw the blossoming of mission outreach in the areas of the Eastern Transvaal Lowveld, Swaziland, and eventually into the Mozambique sub-regions. To this day, my wife - Sister Elmarie, and I as a missionary minister and elder find ourselves fervently working for the Lord amongst more than 420 Message assemblies in this sub-region.

My family and I worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth in Nelspruit itself, together with a small number of very dedicated families. We assemble in cottage meetings, and we love to come together every week to fellowship under the anointed tape Messages left with us by God's 20th-century Gentile prophet. We, as an assembly in Nelspruit, believe EVERY Word in the Bible to be the Truth, and we also believe EVERY Word that was uttered by God's prophet, from 1947 to 1965, to be the Voice of God. We also do not take from the Word or add to the Word. We endeavor to live the Word of God for this hour to the best of our ability, as given to us by God through His prophet, looking forward to the imminent return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

My involvement with Voice Of God Recordings started in the mid 1990's, and in 2001, I became the manager of the Nelspruit Office. Today, by the grace of God, the VGR team has worked together to establish hundreds of Christian Message libraries in this part of Southeast Africa, in the English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Northern Sotho, Southern Sotho, Tsonga, Xhosa, and Portuguese languages.

To our Creator we give all the honor, praise and glory, blessed be His Name. 


I was raised in a Christian family who attended various Pentecostal churches, whilst I was growing up.

My parents attended Brother Branham’s services in Johannesburg, South Africa, during our Prophet’s visit in 1951, the year I was born. My father managed a funeral parlor during that period in the little town of Volksrust, North of Zululand, where he openly displayed newspaper clippings on the inside of an open coffin lid at the back of his office, testifying to everyone who came in for business, about the miraculous healings that took place in the William Branham campaigns, throughout the country during 1951.

I resigned from my teaching profession during 2007 and I was honoured thereafter to be employed by VGR as member of the Nelspruit missionary distribution team to assist with bookkeeping and administrative work. It is a privilege to work till Jesus comes.


I Brother Mike Mathonsi, am a witness to the following great happenings in my life:

I was told by my mother that I was born during 1974 in the town of Kabogweni (Emgodini), which is part of the Nelspruit Municipal Metropolitan area; and grew up with my brother Elson and two sisters, Thulile and Isabel.

Brother Des offered me a position as ‘administrative assistant’ with VGR during 2005. That was, when he needed a warehouse administrative assistant to pack, manage and collate end-time Message printed material, to also act as a driver; which I am presently doing up to this present day in 2014, nine years later.

I am at present, 40 years of age, still unmarried, and am fully dedicated to the distribution of this great end-time-Message to the peoples of South East Africa.

I dearly love my VGR job and will work until Jesus comes.

L'histoire du bureau

Voice of God Recordings “Mozambique Distribution Office” operates from the main office facility situated at 65 Halssnoer Crescent, Sonheuwel Extension One, Nelspruit, South Africa, 1200. The VGR warehouse facility is situated at Warehouse Unit Number 514 and 515, C/o 124 Smuts Street, Rockies Drift, White River, 1240. Its postal address is, PO Box 7938, Son Park, Nelspruit, 1206.