Worship Under The Trees

Earlier this year, we posted an article of our friends in the Dowa region of Malawi singing praises to the Lord on top of a mountain.

Brother Saidi, VGR office manager in Malawi, sends us another report of the believers in Dowa assembling at this very special place again. We may be thousands of miles away from our brothers and sisters, but the same Spirit there is a very familiar one to us all.

Whenever an opportunity arises, The End-Time Message churches around Dowa district gather at the top of Kongwe hills.

The Kongwe hills plateau at the top, which offers excellent meeting space for 400-600 believers. Natural trees offer shade while rocks become chairs; it is nothing short of a true depiction of the “jungles of Africa.” This environment creates an atmosphere for fellowship.

On October 25, 2015, the believers around Dowa district climbed the Kongwe hills, for a Sunday service. The VGR team drove 500 kilometers from Blantyre to join the Dowa believers. The fellowship was magnetizing as usual, enough to arouse a godly atmosphere for the prophet of God, Brother William Branham, to come and preach to these hungry souls.

The tape "Total Deliverance" was played and the crystal- clear sound coming through the newly acquired state-of-the-art speakers blew all the way down the hills to reach the ears of the people below.

I believe this is what Brother Branham desired to do to the people of Africa. "But I still believe that, through God, I will minister again, in the Name of the Lord Jesus, among the people of Africa."

Praise the Lord!

Brother Saidi

VGR Office Manager- Malawi