The Absolute

According to many experts, Malawi is the poorest country in the world. Years of political corruption, strife, and economic hardship has left many in this country of 16 million impoverished. And like many places in this world, strange doctrines and cults are on the rise. By the grace of God, the people of Malawi have a Standard to judge all things by, and that Standard is spreading like wildfire. The team in Malawi recently traveled into the bush to a place called Nsaru, where the voice of God’s vindicated prophet is squashing many questionable doctrines in these last days.

The Message preached by the prophet of God, Brother William Branham, has penetrated into remote dark corners of Malawi. Acts 2, "...and to all that are afar off..." has surely come to pass.

The rise of countless “prophets” has left Malawi awash with myriad doctrines. It is, therefore, extremely important that the Voice of God, through His prophet Brother William Branham, be played again in the Message churches in Malawi so that the Message to the people remains unadulterated.

With that hindsight at the back of our minds, the VGR team recently visited and had tape church service at Nsaru Believers Church. Nsaru is a small village in the outskirts of the capital city, Lilongwe. It is a 100km drive out of Lilongwe city.

It was on Saturday morning when the brand new Ford Ranger truck, loaded with the speakers, Honda generator, and all sound system accessories roared smoothly to signal the start of our journey of 450km to Nsaru. We spent a night right in the village so we would be early for the Sunday service.

An announcement had already been made a week before that the VGR team would have a tape service in their church. The people were, therefore, already expectant with anticipation. They came from near, far and wide to attend the tape service.

The church sprang into spirited song worship before the local pastor handed the service over to Brother Saidi, the VGR local manager, to guide the church in the tape service. He made some few remarks in relation to the tape listening service and soon, the church was ready to listen to Brother William Branham preaching to them.

The message, "Be Certain of God" 59-0125 was played, and the preaching instantly moved people's souls into Godly realms. Even those who did not get room inside the church and had to sit outside were glued to the Voice of the prophet; it was energetic. This Message shall never lose its power to a true believer.

When the tape came to a point where Brother Branham started praying for various needs at the end of the preaching, each one who was present at the Nsaru tape service presented their needs to the Lord in synchrony. Praise God that we have the true Message, and vindicated prophet of this hour.

People received Food in due season.

This was a landmark; the church is continuing with the tape services and testimonies continue to pour in.

We sincerely thank Brother Joseph for having expressed this desire of us playing tapes in the Message churches in Malawi. Everywhere the Malawi team has played the voice of the prophet, an indelible mark has been left in the minds of the people.

Thank you and God bless you.

VGR Malawi

Is Malawi is the poorest country in the world? We don't think so. It may very well be the richest!