I Was There

Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

Matthew 18: 19-20

Whether it’s today, this week, this month or sometime this year, when emergency strikes, we have a Refuge to turn to. We trust this testimony will strengthen your faith when your time of need arrives. Remember, the same God that moved on the scene for this family, is the same God today. He is a very present help in time of YOUR need.

This video testimony is of Sister Billie Burnett who was there when God moved on the scene for her son, Donnie, at the most desperate time.

Brother Branham makes mention of the incident in this quote:

I'm glad to see Brother Richard Blair setting here. I just read a letter of a great thing that God did among the people there. The other day, as I understand... I may be wrong, Brother Blair; if I am, correct me. He was working, helping a man wire a trailer or something, I believe it was. I read the letter. And they reversed something, and, however, it run the current into a water where a little boy was, one... the--the man that the trailer belonged to, his little boy, just a little lad, and it killed the little boy. And his stomach swollen. We know electrical shock, that's, when they die, that's what happens. The little eyes set; his teeth went together.

It alarmed the brethren so bad. Brother Blair said he thought he could get a hold of me somewhere, to pray for it, but remembered that it was that, "Wherever two or three are gathered in My Name, there I am in their midst." And the father skinned his fingers trying to get his fingers in the little boy's mouth, to break it open. And they knelt down and started praying over the little boy, and he come back to life again.

Was that true, Brother Blair? One of our loyal brothers here. Oh, the little boy is here. Well, thank the Lord. That's fine. We'd like for you to stand up, sonny boy. Now, we thank the dear Lord for this. That the father of the little boy? Are you the father? That's right. And here is Brother Richard Blair. Our God is able to do anything. Yes, sir. He promised it. We are living in the Divine Presence of the great, glorious, Heavenly Father. And all things that we... are possible if we can just believe it.

You see what that does, what it paid off for that man's life to believe that? Saved his little boy. Now, God had his loyal servants there, to... Brother Blair and them, to pray for the little boy when he was in that condition. Yes, when anything happens, remember, you are children of the living God.

"Wherever two or more are gathered in My Name, there I am." And again it's written, "He's a very present help in time of trouble." And if there ever was trouble, was that little boy laying there, dead, on the ground, from a shock of electricity that went through him. So we're thanking God this morning, with all of our hearts, for these, for these things that He has done for us.

God bless these faithful man, too. In a time of emergency that's the time to look to God. And look to Him, and be on friendship with Him before the emergency arrives. We know this. If we have favor with God, we can ask Him anything, like you would any other friend, and He is a very present help in time of trouble.