VGR International
A Vision for the World

On August 1, 1960, Brother Branham wrote these words on the flyleaf of his Bible:

"My ministry shall be over seas. I turn, America won't have it."

From the beginning of our ministry, the majority of our efforts have been directed to foreign missions. Ninety percent of the tapes and books which we produce are destined for the foreign fields. By working hand-in-hand with pastors in each nation, regardless of any affiliations they may have, the Lord has enabled us to create a network for the distribution of Message materials that is both far-reaching and remarkably efficient.

The printed and recorded materials that are produced at our Jeffersonville facility are boxed and pre-labeled before being shipped to the VGR offices and distribution centers around the world. The staff at each location is responsible for forwarding these supplies to the libraries and smaller distribution centers, then to the pastors and missionaries within their designated areas.

Each year, an average 300 tons of books and tapes are distributed through this system.