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Today's Recordings
10.18.2017 5:00 PM

The Italian studio recorded 63-0323 "The Sixth Seal." 

Print Department
10.18.2017 1:30 PM

The press room is collating the first two of four French books in the most recent French printing.

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The two books on the collator are 62-1231 "Contest" and 63-0601 "Come Follow Me." We will have 220,000 copies of each of the four titles. 

Today's Recordings
10.17.2017 6:00 PM

The Cape Town studio recorded the Oshikwanyama translation of 65-1031 "Leadership." 

Today's Recordings
10.16.2017 6:00 PM

We recorded 3 sermon translations at our recording studios today.

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The Jeffersonville studio recorded the Ciluba (Congo) translation of 63-0818 "The Uniting Sign And Time." The Jeffersonville studio also recorded the Ciluba translation of 60-0402 "Believest Thou This?" on Saturday. The Italian studio recorded 63-0322 "The Fifth Seal." The Cape Town Studio recorded the Oshikwanyama (Namibia) translation of 63-0901 "Token." 

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Tape Boy who is spreading the Gospel to the military.


Encouraging quotes that have circulated around VGR over the past couple months.


A sister is called out on Tape and claims the Promise of her healing.





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And, see, right before our own eyes, and it’s not in a corner. It’s world-known. Jesus, the Son of God, revealing Himself by the Scriptures, making that Scripture (that has been predestinated to this day, like it was to that day, and all other days) live. And to believe It, is the evidence of the Holy Spirit.

William Branham 64-0719M

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