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Portuguese Translation
3.23.2017 10:00 AM

The Brazil recording studio is recording the Portuguese translations of the Quote of the Day. 

Malagasy Translation
3.23.2017 9:30 AM

The Madagascar recording studio recorded the Malagasy translation of 65-0120 "Lean Not Unto Thy Own Understanding." 

Malagasy Translation
3.22.2017 5:30 PM

The Madagascar recording studio recorded the Malagasy translation of 58-0720M "By Faith, Moses."

SiSwati Translation
3.22.2017 5:30 PM

The Durban recording studio recorded the SiSwati translation of 65-0429E "The Choosing Of A Bride."

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There will be no Easter Meetings this year.


Praise God, dear brothers and sister...





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A man or a woman that's been dipped into the Blood of Jesus Christ, it kills all symptoms. And every molecule of sin goes back to the devil, and laid on him till that Day of Judgment, where his Eternal destination will be throwed into a Lake of Fire. And the chasm is bridged, and never to come in remembrance no more. And a man stands justified, as a son of God. Simplicity!

William Branham 63-0317M

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