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February 2017

published on: 2.17.2017

Now we are making popcorn! Praise the Lord!

The Little Things
published on: 2.16.2017

If time would permit, it'd be hair raising experiences I could tell you that's happened.

published on: 2.15.2017

I will keep on keeping on, by His grace.

A Candle Burning Bright
published on: 2.14.2017

Well, I told them, "Yes, that sounds like the person we are looking for."

He Careth For You
published on: 2.13.2017

But at this point the sister barely believed what my wife told her.

Testimony Of Grace
published on: 2.10.2017

Grandma had been an extremely difficult lady all her life, almost impossible to talk to and very demanding.

A Bit Of History: The Doomsday Clock
published on: 2.9.2017

The hands of God’s clock are getting dangerously close to midnight…

Agapao Tablet Production
published on: 2.8.2017

Agapao Tablet production is full-speed ahead! Here is a video of the assembly process. 

Have You Ever Wondered?
published on: 2.7.2017

Questions and answers for a VGR department.

The Hope Within Me
published on: 2.6.2017

She then asked me if I was traditional or old-fashioned.

The Feed

Lozi Translation
2.17.2017 12:30 PM

The Zambia recording studio is recording the Lozi translation of 65-0725E "What Is The Attraction On The Mountain?" 

Text Department
2.17.2017 8:00 AM

The text for 7 new sermon translations in PDF format was loaded to the sermon page.

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This includes 1 German, 2 Italian, 1 Romanian, 2 Russian, and 1 Tswana (southern Africa). 

Cub Corner Creations In Mexico
2.17.2017 8:00 AM

Our VGR distributor from Monterrey, Mexico sent in this report to YF, along with some pictures and videos from a recent Cub Corner Creations event in Durango, Mexico.

Spanish Quote Of The Day
2.16.2017 9:30 AM

The Jeffersonville recording studio is recording the Spanish translations of the Quote Of The Day.

Madagascar Recording Studio
2.16.2017 9:00 AM

The new recording studio for Madagascar has arrived safely.

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The team has set it up, and everything is operating properly. This will make things much easier for Brother Solofo and the Malagasy team. Before, he had to fly to Cape Town to record, now they can do them in their own country.


Lozi Translation
2.16.2017 7:00 AM

The Zambia recording studio is recording the Lozi translation of 65-0418E "Does God Ever Change His Mind About His Word?"