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January 2015

2014 Prison Ministries Overview
published on: 1.27.2015

Someone gave me a book from Brother Branham.

Flooding In Malawi
published on: 1.26.2015

The believers in Malawi need our prayers.

This Day This Scripture Is Fulfilled
published on: 1.26.2015

Every bit of His ministry, from His birth up, had proved to be what He was, and yet they could not believe it.

Birth Pains
published on: 1.25.2015

But there’s Something in me. I can’t stop It. I never put It there. It never come by my own choosing. It’s God.

Broken Cisterns
published on: 1.24.2015

Let me say, that same God that was in the days gone by, that we speak so much of, He is present here now.

A Meal For The Prophet
published on: 1.22.2015

Brother Branham visited their farm.

Lean Not Unto Thy Own Understanding
published on: 1.21.2015

The Holy Spirit will never lead you to anything else but the Word of God.

Congressman Upshaw
published on: 1.20.2015

And beholding the man which was healed standing with them, they could say nothing against it.

The God Who Is Rich In Mercy
published on: 1.20.2015

Even when we were dead in sins, hath quickened us together with Christ...

The Seed Of Discrepancy
published on: 1.19.2015

Where does this seed come from? Where is it today? We are about to find out.

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Printing Chichewa Translations
1.27.2015 1:00 PM

We started printing 19 Chichewa titles. These are reprints for stocking overseas offices, mainly Malawi. 

Chad Representative
1.27.2015 12:00 PM

Brother Emmanuel Djedouboum Nangonne, our representative in the country of Chad, was involved in a car accident this past weekend.

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The Lord protected our brother and spared his life. Although he is in stable condition, Bro. Emmanuel is in a lot of pain and he can barely speak due his facial injuries. He was able to communicate with his wife and asked her to call us and request prayers from the saints on his behalf.

Polish Translations
1.27.2015 12:00 PM

We are recording the Polish translation of 64-0312, When Their Eyes Were Opened, They Knew Him, at our recording studio in Holland, Europe.

Sermon Translation Uploads
1.27.2015 10:30 AM

We loaded 12 new foreign audio sermons to the download page.

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French received 2, Hindi (India) received 4, Spanish received 4, Swahili (Africa) and Telugu (India) both added 1. 

Malawi Relief
1.27.2015 10:30 AM

Brother Saidi has purchased 150 - 10KG bags of sadza (a staple in the Malawi diet made from corn) and a large amount of clothing.

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He has already begun distributing these emergency supplies. The believers appreciate your prayers. 

1.27.2015 10:00 AM

A shipment of 44,000 pounds of roll paper for the web press in Jeffersonville was delivered this morning.

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That should last the pressroom about 2 weeks.