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February 2016

Driving Down The Stake
published on: 2.8.2016

 I claimed my healing, and I drove down that stake

Brother Bolahs Onyango
published on: 2.5.2016

As Christians, we long for that wonderful Land beyond the River, and we are truly rejoicing with our brother for he has finished the course.

Month In Pictures
published on: 2.4.2016

Pictures from around the world.

Silver and Gold Have I None
published on: 2.3.2016

He came out of desperation.

The Table Application Update
published on: 2.2.2016

The newest version of The Table mobile application is now available in both Android and iOS!

Standing On The Promise
published on: 2.1.2016

We told him we have been in a revival and I believe in healing.

His Banners A Waving
published on: 1.29.2016

It was glorious to meet the people and speak with them.

An Experience With The Prophet
published on: 1.27.2016

He did not ask us what were talking about, he told us what we were talking about that day.

Of Whom The World Is Not Worthy
published on: 1.26.2016

The last members arrived at 2:00 am.

The Great Physician
published on: 1.25.2016

"I can't explain what happened to you."

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Tamil Translation
2.8.2016 8:00 AM

The India recording studio recorded the Tamil translation of 64-1221 "Why It Had To Be Shepherd.

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Tamil is one of the main regional language in India. It is spoken by more than 70 million people in India, Srilanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Mauritius, and Burma.

Audio Department
2.6.2016 7:00 AM

The audio for 23 new sermon translations was loaded to the sermon page.

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This includes 5 Afrikaans (southern Africa), 3 Cebuano (Philippines), 2 Italian, 3 Malayalam (India), 5 North Sotho (southern Africa), 4 SiSwati (Swaziland), and 1 Zulu.  

Typesetting Department
2.5.2016 3:00 PM

17 new sermon translations in PDF format were loaded to the sermon page.

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This includes 5 Afrikaans (southern Africa), 3 Cebuano (Philippines), 1 Chitonga (Zambia), 3 Ciluba (Congo), 1 Italian, 1 North Sotho (southern Africa), and 3 Zulu (southern Africa).

Afrikaans Translation
2.5.2016 10:00 AM

The Cape Town recording studio is recording the Afrikaans translation of 61-1231 "You Must Be Born Again."

Zulu Translation
2.4.2016 1:00 PM

The Durban recording studio is recording the Zulu translation of 58-0128, "The Oneness Of Unity."

Hindi Translation
2.3.2016 10:00 AM

The India recording studio recorded the Hindi translation of The Fourth Seal.

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Hindi is spoken by two thirds of the people of India.