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September 2016

published on: 9.28.2016

When I got to the hospital I was unconscious for about three days.

VGR Office Report
published on: 9.27.2016

A monthly report from the Namibia library.

published on: 9.26.2016

The baby screamed his first cry immediately.

A Seven Church Ages Song
published on: 9.23.2016

We sat down and the music just came, and the kids were coming up with verses and ways to sing it.

published on: 9.21.2016

When life is too hard to stand, kneel.

Cambodia Distribution
published on: 9.19.2016

The plan we came up with is to gather all the groups for fellowship and worship every month.

The Heavens Came Down
published on: 9.16.2016

Joy in our hearts for the Word of God.

published on: 9.14.2016

VGR will be on vacation next week.

The Lord Leads Children Too!
published on: 9.14.2016

God does answer prayers even for material needs, and he does work through children!

Ivory Coast Report
published on: 9.13.2016

For the entire day we distributed Message-filled SD cards to about 230 people.

The Feed

QOTD Recordings
9.26.2016 3:00 PM

The Jeffersonville recording studio recorded the French translation of the next few months of the Quote Of The Day. 

Jeffersonville Office
9.26.2016 8:00 AM

Normal hours have resumed at the Jeffersonville office. 

Fall Break
9.19.2016 6:00 AM

The VGR office in Jeffersonville is closed this week for Fall break. We will return on Monday, September 26. 

Audio Department
9.16.2016 6:00 PM

We now have a total of 3,907 translated downloadable audio files on the sermon page. This number includes only the translated "gapped" sermons, and not the English.

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During a gapped sermon Brother Branham speaks a phrase, and then we insert the translator's voice for the translation of that phrase, and so on until the entire sermon is completely translated. 

Audio Department
9.16.2016 12:00 PM

The audio for 15 new sermon translations was loaded to the sermon page.

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This includes 3 Chitonga (Zambia), 6 Ewe (Ghana and Togo), 1 Shona (Zimbabwe), 1 Tamil (India), and 4 Zulu (southern Africa).

Text Department
9.16.2016 10:30 AM

2 new Shona translations in PDF format were loaded to the sermon page.

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Shona is spoken mainly in Zimbabwe.