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December 2014

Winter Vacation
published on: 12.18.2014

The VGR office in Jeffersonville will re-open on January 5.

Welcome To!
published on: 12.17.2014

Every year at this time, it’s on my heart to do something special for all the believers.

The Feed
published on: 12.17.2014

Puts you right in the middle of the work here in Jeffersonville and around the world.

Missionary Trip To Guyana
published on: 12.17.2014

Into the highways and byways.

Quote Of The Day
published on: 12.15.2014

I love starting my morning…

The Harvest Time
published on: 12.13.2014

Don't let one Word ever break you from the fellowship of Christ.

Christmas Surprise
published on: 12.11.2014

We have a surprise for you!

The Little Things
published on: 12.11.2014

He can answer prayer today, this very minute, or in ten years...

Month In Pictures
published on: 12.10.2014

From around the world.

Conclusion of the Hebrews Series
published on: 12.9.2014

The impact has gone so much further...

The Feed

12.20.2014 3:00 PM

Welcome To

To now hear music on my phone, to download messages straight from the quote of the day, the Young Foundations page along with Cub Corner,

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Creations, and Still Waters camp. Now that all the websites are updated it has been beyond my expectations! Its so nice to get a text from you on events that are happening. I sure appreciated the text from Bro Joseph as well. God bless you all.

12.20.2014 1:00 PM

Welcome To

Yes, we have spent hours exploring. Thanks for The Feed. I believe will reduce the "mystery" feeling of what goes on and create a group effort among the believers. 

12.20.2014 11:00 AM

Welcome To

And at first glance one of my favorite new things is emailing the quote of the day to a friend...

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or maybe getting update to my phone:) Thanks so much for your time and effort!!! God Bless and Merry Christmas

12.20.2014 10:00 AM


Now and the coming year, may we remember Christ this holiday season. 

Quiet Time
12.19.2014 6:00 PM

Don't forget Quiet Time tomorrow morning. Please remember us as you speak to Him. 

12.19.2014 5:00 PM

Welcome To

I simple love it, its beautiful. tell you, far much better than Facebook.