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July 2016

About The Father’s Business
published on: 7.27.2016

The believers crowded around the table, each wanting to get their hands on the Stored Up Food.

published on: 7.26.2016

Think about how many times the Lord Jesus has put a smile on your face.

Set Free
published on: 7.25.2016

Nervousness, as Brother Branham called it, makes life pure agony.

He Cares
published on: 7.21.2016

Oh, how we love Him!

published on: 7.20.2016

Our Father loves it when His children pray for each other.

published on: 7.19.2016

Mid year review.

Still Waters Camp Pictures
published on: 7.18.2016

June 2016 - Camp #1

New Posters
published on: 7.18.2016

We’ve got some great new witnessing tools!

published on: 7.15.2016

I went to the mirror and peeled my eye back. “HALLELUJAH!”

The Little Things
published on: 7.14.2016

They came to my house and told me that they would have to take my tree out.

The Feed

India Office
7.26.2016 10:00 AM

From our Chennai office: We had new out-of-state visitors at our office this week,

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Bro.Golla Palli Vijay Rathnam and Bro.Penumala Suriya Prakash from Andra Pradesh (neighboring state of Tamilnadu). Both these brothers are pastoring local churches in their native place. They were provided with SD cards, Telugu books, photos, and Message CDs.


Normal Hours
7.26.2016 7:00 AM

Normal hours have resumed today, Tuesday, July 26. 

Closed Monday
7.24.2016 9:00 PM

The VGR office in Jeffersonville will be closed on Monday, July 25. 

Audio Department
7.22.2016 12:00 PM

The audio for 16 new sermon translations was loaded to the sermon page.

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This includes 3 Marathi (India), 2 SiSwati (Swaziland), and 11 Tagalog (Philippines).  

Audio Department
7.22.2016 10:30 AM

We are happy announce that we have edited the last 4 Tagalog sermons in the Hebrews series and have uploaded the entire series

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to the audio page for the Tagalog (Philippines) believers. These sermons are also available for download on the Tagalog translation of

Still Waters Sermon
7.22.2016 8:30 AM

Still Waters Camp will be listening to 64-0417 "Then Jesus Came And Called" this morning during service.

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They will be meeting in the chapel at 10:00.