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September 2015

I Was There
published on: 9.2.2015

He was an eyewitness near the platform as a teenager.

How The Candle Got Lit
published on: 9.1.2015

Through it all, Jesus showed me I was His.

Shining In The Darkness
published on: 8.31.2015

Whatever is at your hand use it.

Satan’s Eden
published on: 8.30.2015

And in this religious age, big churches on every corner; everything, the whole thing winds up in Satan being worshiped.

published on: 8.28.2015

With an assurance in my heart, I said, “It will be all right.”

Romanian Youth Update
published on: 8.27.2015

On August 13 The Feed reported on two serious accidents involving young believers in Romania

In Time Of Need
published on: 8.26.2015

I reassured my wife that all was well...

New Nigeria Office
published on: 8.25.2015

The Bride in Nigeria will soon have a new storehouse for their spiritual food.
published on: 8.24.2015

A testimony from what the website is doing in India.

A Thinking Man's Filter
published on: 8.23.2015

When a thinking man comes through God's Filter, it gives him a holy man's taste.

The Feed

Portuguese Recording
9.2.2015 10:00 AM

The Brazil recording studio is recording the Portuguese translation of 59-1222m "Conference With God."

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CC Video Update
9.2.2015 10:00 AM

Brother Adam Evans gives an inside look at the latest work from Cub Corner.

Polish Family
9.1.2015 4:00 PM

Brother Gerald Buitenkamp visited a Polish family during a distribution trip last week. The young mother of two boys was given only a short time to live, being diagnosed with breast cancer.

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Her husband lost parts of his right hand in an accident and is having trouble finding a job. Please pray for these dear people.


Zambia Distribution
9.1.2015 3:30 PM

The Zambia office manager and assistant just returned back from a fruitful trip,

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distributing 32 lighthouse packages and meeting several groups of young people who joined together for a planned Quiet Time event in Chingola.

Print Department
9.1.2015 2:00 PM

The last two covers for the massive French printing are printed, and will soon be cut, folded, and collated.

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There are 200,000 copies of each book.


microSD Cards
9.1.2015 7:30 AM

We finished duplicating another 2,600 French/Lingala and 1000 Bemba microSD cards.

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The French/Lingala cards will be sent to Congo and the Bemba cards will go to Zambia.