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December 2016

Bringing Health and Cure
published on: 12.9.2016

I didn't feel the power of God but I believed.

published on: 12.7.2016

"My, my, my! what a testimony!"

published on: 12.6.2016


Month In Pictures
published on: 12.5.2016

Pictures from around the world.

The Joy Of The Lord
published on: 12.2.2016

The best experience of my life.

The Refuge
published on: 12.1.2016

The neighbor’s house to the north was completely destroyed.

The Agapao Tablet: Hero Edition
published on: 11.30.2016

It seems to be the consensus that the people want a tablet that is completely dedicated to the things of the Lord.

Tape Boys
published on: 11.29.2016

They had to spend a week in the forest in order to have this means of transport across the river to continue on.

The Miracle of Little John
published on: 11.28.2016

The main doctor called for me again.

published on: 11.24.2016

Start with those people who you appreciate, but often take for granted.

The Feed

Agapao Hero Tablets
12.9.2016 3:00 PM

The Agapao Hero tablets have been formatted and handed over to our shipping department to start distribution. International orders are mailing today. 

Text Department
12.9.2016 10:30 AM

The text for 42 new sermon translations in PDF format was loaded to the sermon page.

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This includes 1 Malayalam (India), 2 Norwegian, 5 North Sotho, 4 Oshikwanyama (Namibia), 1 Polish, 2 South Sotho (southern Africa), 10 SiSwati (Swaziland), 4 Xitsonga (southern Africa), 1 Tshivenda (southern Africa), 2 Tswana (southern Africa), and 10 Urdu (Pakistan/India). 

Audio Department
12.9.2016 10:30 AM

The audio for 2 new SiSwati sermon translations was loaded to the sermon page.

Afrikaans Translation
12.9.2016 10:00 AM

The Cape Town recording studio is recording the Afrikaans translation of 59-0510 "Who Is This."

Afrikaans Translation
12.8.2016 9:30 AM

The Cape Town recording studio recorded the Afrikaans translation of 58-0720 "By Faith Moses."

Italian Translations
12.8.2016 9:30 AM

There are two Italian recordings happening today.

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Brother Ticali is recording 63-1214 "Why Little Bethlehem" and Brother Baio is recording 62-1007 "The Key To The Door." Both studios are in Heimbuchenthal, Germany.