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March 2015

Another Trophy Of God’s Grace
published on: 3.2.2015

A report from Brother Steven Young, VGR office manager in Durban, South Africa.

Driverless Cars
published on: 2.27.2015

"People appeared seated in this car without a steering wheel and they were playing some sort of a game to amuse themselves."

published on: 2.26.2015

She said, "I just had to come and tell you how I admired it, and how it affected me."

Healing And Baptism
published on: 2.25.2015

He was given up to die, but the Lord had something else in mind.

The Bad News
published on: 2.24.2015

How would the headlines have looked 3,500 years ago?

The Little Things
published on: 2.23.2015

I did not hear what he said in his prayer, but the Lord Jesus Christ heard his prayer!

Who Is This Melchisedec?
published on: 2.22.2015

Now the true revelation of Melchisedec comes into view.

Marriage And Divorce
published on: 2.22.2015

Let them go on in as they are, and sin no more!

God’s Chosen Place Of Worship
published on: 2.21.2015

God refuses any other place besides in Jesus Christ.

Wedding Ceremony
published on: 2.21.2015

Brother Charles and Sister Linda Branham share their special day with us. 

The Feed

Report From Durban
3.2.2015 7:00 AM

Brother Steven Young of the Durban office returned from a fruitful distribution trip yesterday, and sent this update:

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We have just visited Mgababa settlement and another group of believers in central Durban to place this precious Voice in the hands of the people. All went well and we are happy to report that the Lord blessed us with a wonderful day of distribution and fellowship.
God Bless,
Steven & Elijah (Eli) Durban

South Africa Distribution
2.27.2015 10:00 AM

From Brother Keith Herne: We left at 9:30 this morning from Kimberly, bound for Thaba Nchu,

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which is 200KMs away and near Bloemfontein. When we contacted the brothers upon our arrival in Bloemfontein, they were under great expectation. Please remember us in your prayers are we are starting with the young people in the next few hours. 

Audio Department
2.26.2015 6:00 PM

21 newly translated sermons were just uploaded to the sermon page.

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New translations include: 10 Afrikaans (South Africa), 9 Malagasy (Madagascar), 1 Tamil (India), and 1 Xhosa (southern Africa). 

Shipment To Haiti
2.26.2015 6:00 PM

After weeks of problems, the brothers are finally unloading 5 skids of Message books for our friends in Haiti.

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The shipment was delayed because of a strike, there was a network collapse in Customs, and a truck broke down on its way to pick up the shipment. But through it all, the shipment is safe and we will immediately begin distribution. 

Audio Department
2.26.2015 4:00 PM

Progress report for January and February: We completed editing 89 sermon translations, added 4 new languages, and offered 138 new sermon translation recordings to (all this in 32 working days). 

Missing Believer
2.26.2015 3:30 PM

We still have no news on the whereabouts of the missing Mexican brother, Jaime Bacerra.

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He was returning from his job of delivering medical supplies to veterinary clinics, leaving on Friday, February 6, traveling a rout that took him through two different Mexican states, and to return to his home in Guadalajara the following evening. He did not return as scheduled and has been missing since February 7. His family appreciates your continued prayers.