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May 2015

Our Time
published on: 5.22.2015

It was hard to find five minutes just to think.

How The Candle Got Lit
published on: 5.21.2015

I am a newborn creature through Jesus Christ.

God Gave Us Elizabeth
published on: 5.20.2015

On Tuesday, January 6th, at 10:40 a.m, my wife gave birth to our child.

We Are Expecting Elizabeth
published on: 5.19.2015

My wife burst into tears while I was trying to understand.

I Was There
published on: 5.18.2015

In a time of emergency that's the time to look to God.

Adoption #2
published on: 5.17.2015

Your adoption is not your birth. Your adoption is your placing.

The Little Things
published on: 5.15.2015

My heart was filled with joy at that hour!

Always On Time
published on: 5.14.2015

This German micro SD card is a prayer answered by the Lord.

Simple Faith
published on: 5.13.2015

God, let him know that you can heal.

To His Reward
published on: 5.12.2015

Brother George Mbwana joined the Swahili translation team in 1986.

The Feed

5.22.2015 8:00 AM

The Cape Town recording studio is recording the North Sotho translation of 62-0311 "The Greatest Battle Ever Fought" today.

Audio Department
5.21.2015 6:00 PM

The audio for 17 new translations was posted to the sermon page. This includes 5 Afrikaans (South Africa), 11 Norwegian, and 1 Shona (Zimbabwe). The Norwegian recordings include the Seven Seals series. 

Prayer Request
5.21.2015 4:00 PM

Brother Jean Martin Ndong, librarian at the Libreville library in Gabon, has been hospitalized for two weeks with a serious case of Malaria.

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He has been close to death this week, and humbly asks that the Bride of Christ pray for a full and quick recovery. 

New Translations
5.20.2015 2:00 PM

9 new translations in PDF format were posted to the sermon page. This includes 2 Farsi (Iran), 2 Italian, 1 Norwegian, and the first 4 Vietnamese sermons posted to this website. The 2 new Italian translations are the remainder of the Adoption series.

microSD Cards
5.20.2015 11:30 AM

We received this email from a brother who helps with the distribution in Argentina:

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"It’s wonderful to see how our brothers joyfully receive the microSD cards. Once they use it on their smartphone or computers, they are amazed about hearing the Voice of the messenger, being fed with fresh Manna! Then, they call or send texts, thanking for giving them the microSD cards and sending greetings to Brother Joseph and each one of you at VGR in Jeffersonville, and around the world. They are admiring the work… of each believer who makes possible for the distribution of microSD. Eternally thankful!"

Cub Corner
5.20.2015 11:00 AM

There is a new article on Cub Corner titled, "Simple Faith."

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 It's about a little girl whose faith kept the rain away... that is until her brother convinced her that they sometimes need rain.