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March 2015

Holding On
published on: 3.27.2015

For two years they held to a single message book.

This Little Gem
published on: 3.26.2015

We found believers in anticipation for our arrival.

A Special Friend
published on: 3.25.2015

Brother Doug McHughes has gone to be with the Lord.

From That Time
published on: 3.24.2015

I couldn't stop reading, and I realized I had on my hands the Word of God.

Easter 2015
published on: 3.23.2015

Fellowship is especially important as the Coming of the Lord draws near.

The Little Things
published on: 3.20.2015

God always takes care of His children.

One Of The Lord’s Milestones
published on: 3.19.2015

My friends, I can barely contain the joy that is in my heart.

Did You Know? (Martyrs)
published on: 3.18.2015

They started the race that is set before us.

His Answer
published on: 3.17.2015

His No’s are just as valuable to us as His Yes.

Do You Fear Cancer?
published on: 3.16.2015

You are free to go.

The Feed

Nigerian Elections
3.27.2015 2:00 AM

Please pray for the saints in Nigeria. They have a tightly-contested presidential election on Saturday that has the potential to erupt into riots.

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In the past, elections have produced violent riots and protests, so they are a bit weary. Brother Andrew Alasa, VGR office manager in Lagos writes: "Tension is quite high here due to the elections. There have been a couple troubles in some parts with gun shots, vandalism, and looting. Police warn that people should be home by 7:00PM on Friday, evening before the election day, and some are afraid to go out. Traffic is very bad, and fuel queues in many stations exist. There is panic buying of food and other things to survive any lock at home."

Wallpaper Page
3.26.2015 5:30 PM

12 new backgrounds were loaded to the wallpaper page.

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This includes 8 background images for the Seals, 2 pictures of the VGR building, and 1 image about a chain's weakest link. Click on the image to download it to your computer or mobile device.

Audio Department
3.26.2015 5:00 PM

19 new translations were loaded to the sermon page.

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This includes 1 Afrikaans (southern Africa), 4 Indonesian, 3 Italian, 1 Malayalam (India), 2 Norwegian, 2 Tshivenda (southern Africa), and 6 Urdu (Pakistan and India). 

Malawi Relief
3.26.2015 4:30 PM

From Brother Saidi: It's extremely hot today here, probably getting to 48 degrees Celsius (118 degrees F).

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We are finishing roofing the last set of the 40 new homes any time now, and immediately we will be going back home. The VGR crew looks tired, and we have planned to rest for at least two days, and then we will be going back to put the finishing touches on the first 22 homes.

Nepali Recording
3.26.2015 4:00 PM

Bro. Nabin Peter, Nepali translator, is in the Chennai office recording video messages, Deep Calleth to the Deep, 20th Century Prophet, and Chicago Campaign.

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The Nepali language is spoke in Nepal, India's neighboring country. 

Shipping Department
3.26.2015 4:00 PM

17 skids were loaded into a 40’ freight container headed to the ocean port in New York.

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On April 9th it’s scheduled to set sail for the port city of Mombasa, Kenya. After disembarking at the port, it will travel inland to our office in Kampala, Uganda. The shipment weighs 37,295 lbs. and contains 281,220 sermon books in Swahili, French and English. There are also 6,780 total tracts in French and English, along with CC magazines. Expected delivery is late May.