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January 2017

Stats 2016:
published on: 1.19.2017

It’s been a success story that we never imagined could have happened.

No Greater Joy
published on: 1.18.2017

I always thank God for his Word of truth.

God In Simplicity
published on: 1.17.2017

I was 100% Baptist...

published on: 1.16.2017

As we walked in the small room where the believers gathered to receive us, we felt the sweet atmosphere.

Golden Nuggets
published on: 1.13.2017

Wherever you go, see, keep Jesus on your mind.

A Quick Work Part 2
published on: 1.12.2017

Part two of the missionary trip to Papua New Guinea (PNG).

A Quick Work Part 1
published on: 1.11.2017

Part one of a missionary trip to Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Letters From Prisoners
published on: 1.10.2017

I don’t see my parents hardly at all anymore, gives me more time with my books and more Quiet Time.

If You Can Only Believe
published on: 1.9.2017

Do you believe, sister?

Stats 2016:
published on: 1.6.2017

It’s been another banner year for the websites!

The Feed

Critical Time
1.19.2017 9:30 AM

Sister Flor, wife of Bro. Sherman Napuri - our distributor in Lima Peru, continues to slowly improve.

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An infection was dangerously spreading, so the doctors planned another operation to relieve the pressure on her brain. This was, again, a very serious operation because of the area of the brain. Yesterday morning, the doctors said that the infection was under control and canceled the operation. She has also started to breathe on her own, without the aid of a breathing machine. A tracheotomy (hole in the windpipe) was scheduled, but because of her breathing progress, it was also canceled. Brother Sherman sends his gratitude to the Bride, and asks that we continue to pray for his wife. Even with the improvements, she is still in a critical state. 

Tshivenda Translation
1.19.2017 7:00 AM

The Durban recording studio recorded the Tshivenda translation of 62-1125e "The Countdown." 

Italian Translation
1.19.2017 7:00 AM

The Italian recording studio in Germany is recording the Italian translation of 63-1226 "Church Order."

Tshivenda Translation
1.18.2017 4:30 PM

The Durban recording studio recorded the Tshivenda translation of 62-1223 "The Reproach For The Cause Of The Word." 

Romanian Translation
1.18.2017 4:30 PM

The Romanian recording studio recorded the Romanian translation of 60-1204M "The Revelation Of Jesus Christ." 

Print Department
1.18.2017 9:30 AM

The pressroom is now collating 60,000 copies each of the “The Messenger” tract in the Ciluba and Swahili languages.

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Ciluba is widely spoken in Congo, and Swahili is spoken throughout east Africa.