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Fourteen More Souls

There is not always a pool of water readily available to someone who is willing to be baptized. As in the case of Brother Jorge Paez (Tapeboy in Mexico article), many times it takes hours to find a suitable place for baptism. Brother Ronnie Pillay, VGR Office Manager in Durban, often brings a portable baptismal with him on his trips. In this case, VGR gave one of these baptismals to a local pastor, who has put it to good use. However, even if you have a good place to put the water, you still need the water. The Lord provided a couple loyal workers to carry the water from the river. The following is Brother Ronnie’s report of his recent visit to a South African community called Flagstaff. The assembly is only about a year old and is growing quickly.

The group of believers in Flagstaff comes from the rural community in that area. This assembly, which is one of two assemblies pastored by Bro Shezi, initially started approximately one year ago with just a handful of believers. Pastor Shezi has been toiling in this area and continues to lead many precious souls to the Lord. Yet again, the weekend meeting is testimony to the great work being done, as another 14 souls were baptized in Christian baptism. In total (past and present), over 100 believers were baptized in the same pool provided by VGR.

The baptism pool, naturally, had to be filled with water. However, no water was available. The closest place to get the water was from the river which was some two kilometers away. It seemed history was to be repeated in that “The Lord hath need of them.” Yes indeed, the donkeys had come to the rescue as, down at the river, they were waiting once again to be used for the Lord's service. On their backs, the filled water containers were carried to the eagerly waiting baptismal group. What a blessed time the Lord gave to us as, one by one, each candidate was baptized in His holy Name.

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Being new in the faith, they were looking forward to fulfilling the other two ordinances (communion and foot washing). That evening this desire was fulfilled. They were also extremely excited to receive the Lighthouse package and asked me to convey their gratefulness for the precious gift given to them by Brother Joseph Branham and their brothers and sisters from overseas, who have faithfully contributed towards this.

In spite of the poor weather conditions, the work of the Lord was successfully accomplished.

God bless
Brother Ronnie