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How The Candle Got Lit
Tell them what lit the candle. Tell them what is burning in there. Just tell them how it got lit. Let them get lit, they'll--they'll take care of the rest of it. Certainly.

You don't have to tell, go through all kind of great words that you know not to begin with, and don't mean nothing after you know them. See? Just tell them, "Glory to God! The Holy Spirit struck me, and I'm a different man." Tell them how the candle got lit. Don't wait till it burns up; then it's smoke in that time. Too many of them today. Just tell them how it got lit.

62-0610E Convinced Then Concerned

This brother in South Africa may have thought he was going to the meeting for a different reason, but the Lord Jesus had His hand upon him the whole time. As it turns out, the brother not only accepted the Message that day, but the Lord called him into service as a pastor. This is how his candle got lit.

My name is Brother Pieter, and I am the pastor of a small flock here in Worcester.

More than twenty fours years ago, my friend in the church where I was a member of invite me to go with him to a small church he visited the previous Sunday.

For that past few weeks, he had visited the church and I could see there was a change in his life. It made me feel that maybe I wanted a part of that. However, I felt a strong loyalty to my church, and did not like the idea of members visiting other churches.

So when he ask me to go with him I thought, "Perhaps if I go, I will be able to change his mind about all of this and he will stay with our church." I felt that he was on the verge of leaving our church, and I wanted to prevent that.

I went along with him, and I could not believe what I saw. They did not even have a building or nothing. It was just ordinary people coming together in one of their houses for a Sunday service. Well, I sat there and was condemning them the whole time. However, deep in my heart there was something saying, "Amen" to everything I heard that morning.

That was the last service my friend attended with that group. It was the first for me, and I have never missed a service since.

I thank my Lord Jesus Christ for His blessing that led me to this Voice to our age. I thank the Voice of God for making this Message available around the world, for the predestinated seeds like me.

God Bless

Your brother in Christ,

Brother Pieter, Zuid Afrika, (South Africa)