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Distribution In Mozambique

In 1951, as a young boy of five, together with my mother and grandmother, I had the wonderful opportunity of seeing God's prophet at the Durban City Hall and at the Greyville Race Course. But later in years, when I was a deacon in the Full Gospel Church of God in Durban South Africa, my wife and I were among a small group that found copies of two of Brother Branham's books, An Exposition Of The Seven Church Ages and The Revelation Of The Seven Seals, in our church library. (Bro. Des)

Brother Des

He was hooked from that time. Today, Brother Des de Fortier manages the VGR distribution effort in Mozambique. His home and distribution center is located near the border of Mozambique and South Africa, in the city of Nelspruit, South Africa.


Missionary and avid hunter, Brother Des has traveled the rugged trails of Mozambique and South Africa for decades. Not only does he enjoy hunting the big game of the African plains, he has dedicated his life to hunting the wandering souls of Mozambique. He is fearless in his mission: To give the Message of William Branham to every wanting soul in Mozambique.

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The following is a collection of photographs Brother Des took of the smiling believers of 18 newly established churches in Mozambique that received their first shipment of books and CDs, as well as a few churches in his home country of South Africa. In all, he delivered about 8,800 pounds of Message material (English, Portuguese, North Sotho, Tsonga, Tswana, and Venda material, and a few bicycles). Thanks for taking us with you Brother Des!