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Brother Lee Vayle

It’s not often that a man makes such a mark on history. We look back in the Bible and think, “Where would we be if God had not anointed such scribes as Seraiah, Shaphan, and Ezra?” These are the men that preserved the Word of God into print, and their work laid a foundation for what we have today.

Recently, one of these great men went to be with the Lord. Brother Lee Vayle, the man who worked closely with the prophet to preserve the Seven Church Ages into written format, made a mark on history that will never be forgotten. By yielding his talents and experience to the anointing of the Word, the Lord used his hands to take Brother Branham’s words and produce a book that shows the undeniable Truth of the Message of Malachi 4. God then used An Exposition Of The Seven Church Ages to turn the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people back to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

With only a handful of men throughout history who have made such a mark, his life of service would have been complete when the last word was written in the Church Age book, but Brother Vayle continued his service to the Bride of Christ for decades as a pastor and minister of the Gospel.

For Brother Vayle’s family, friends, and the beloved church in Ohio that he shepherded all these years, our prayers and thoughts are with you. Our dear old friend has now received his reward for all those years of faithful service.