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To All The World

Brother Branham said, “When did the apostolic age cease? There is the commission, ‘To all the world, every creature, and every one that believes.’ I want the court to understand that, that that's God's promise.”

And that promise is alive and well today. Deep into the jungles of the Amazon, natives can be heard singing “Only Believe all things are possible.” Into the frozen reaches of Siberia, families are gathered around the wood stove listening to the Voice of God to this generation. In a grass hut hidden away deep into the African bush, Brother Branham can be heard preaching on a solar-powered MP3 player.

How is this great end-time work accomplished? It is accomplished by a unified effort from every member of the Bride of Christ. Brother Joseph often says, “There are no big me’s and little you’s.” God uses every member of the Bride of Christ to spread His Message, and no one is more important than anyone else. We all have a part in God’s Great Machine.

We at Voice Of God Recordings believe that God’s plan of calling a Bride is accomplished through a unified effort of all believers. From the missionary, to the pastors, to the individual believer, God deals with every member of the Bride of Christ individually and brings them together in unity with one common goal: spreading the Message of the hour.

Throughout his Ministry, Brother Branham never asked for money. He trusted that the Lord Jesus would lay the burden on the hearts of the believers. Brother Joseph runs Voice Of God Recordings in the same way. We move forward as the Lord leads, and we trust in Him that He will provide what the Bride of Christ has need of.

Like Brother Branham’s offering box at the back of the Tabernacle with the words: Insomuch As Ye Have Done Unto The Least Of These My Little Ones, You've Done It To Me, the Voice Of God Recordings is giving you the opportunity to support this great end-time Message at your discretion and at your leading. If you have a burden, please review these options to get involved.