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Summer Break
7.13.2017 6:30 PM

Voice of God Recordings is now on summer break. We will return to work on Monday, July 31.

Still Waters Camp Pickup Time
7.13.2017 6:00 PM

Camp #3 closes Friday afternoon. The campers can be picked up at 3:00PM at the Welcome Center.

Audio Department
7.13.2017 5:30 PM

The audio for 8 new sermon translations was loaded to the sermon page.

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This includes 1 German, 1 Ciluba (Congo), 1 Malagasy (Madagascar), and 5 Tswana (southern Africa).

Today's Recordings
7.13.2017 5:00 PM

We recorded two translations at our recording studios today.

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The Jeffersonville studio recorded the Ciluba (Congo) translation of 63-0714E "Humble Thyself." The Italian studio recorded 63-0317E "The Breach..."

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He reminds us each day.


Everything was all preplanned by God, before the foundation of the world, that you would be here.


It was while I was listening to this tape that I realized I hadn't given my healing completely to Him.


The youth in Malawi gather for the country’s first YF bonfire.





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Now, as an individual, I'm going to ask you. What will you do with this anointed Word which is the Christ, the Word that was promised for this day? You, as an individual?

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