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Portuguese Translation
5.26.2016 1:00 PM

The Brazil recording studio is recording the Portuguese translations of the Quote of the Day for the website.

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We currently have translated into Portuguese, French, and Spanish. Every article that is posted in English is then posted in these 3 additional languages. 

Zulu Translation
5.26.2016 12:30 PM

The Durban recording studio is recording the Zulu translation of 63-0804A, "Once More."

Ciluba Translation
5.25.2016 5:00 PM

The Jeffersonville recording studio recorded the Ciluba translation of 65-0123 "Broken Cisterns." 

Agapao Tour, Macon
5.24.2016 3:00 PM

We had a truly wonderful time in Macon, Georgia. About 1,300 saints packed the Macon City Auditorium for the 3-day meetings.

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Words cannot express the feeling as the Lord manifested Himself in a mighty way among us. We look forward to posting a full report in the days to come.


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As for God, his way is perfect; the word of the LORD is tried.


I believe He will help me with this situation.


We have truly, in our days, been witness to the Glory of God.


We have a need, yet there’s just not quite enough money in the bank to cover that need.


There'll still be plenty of blessings for you left, for He is the inexhaustible fountain of Life.


Macon, GA





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"We want total deliverance, so that when people come into this church, to be prayed for, there will be just this little group (maybe not over a hundred, or two) sitting here, but they'll be completely in the hands of God. And when we pray, then God will hear from Heaven."

William Branham 59-0712

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