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Video: microSD Cards
4.22.2017 7:00 AM

Video: Malawi Outreach
4.21.2017 7:30 AM

From the Archives: video of a 2015 outreach in Malawi.

Audio Department
4.21.2017 7:00 AM

The audio for 7 new sermon translations was loaded to the sermon page.

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This includes 2 Tagalog (Philippines) and 5 Tshvenda (southern Africa). 

Today's Recordings
4.20.2017 5:00 PM

We recorded 3 sermon translations at our overseas recording studios today.

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The Zambia studio recorded the Chitonga translation of 65-0822M "Christ Is Revealed In His Own Word." The India studio recorded the Hindi translation of 63-0724 "God Doesn't Call A Man To Judgment..." The Durban studio recorded the Zulu translation of 64-0418E "Jesus Keeps All His Appointments." 

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Into the jungles of Colombia.


Wow, can you believe that we are already to The Seventh Seal?!


Giving back to the One who has given so much.


We could see in their faces the curiosity and the pleasure of discovering something new and true.


First microSD card distribution of 2017 in DRC. A total of 1,101 cards were distributed at this meeting. 




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Then my salvation, yours tonight does not hinge upon the merits of our own acts. It hinged upon the positive sovereign grace of Almighty God Who has chosen us in Him. Certainly. I could never be perfect, nor you could never be perfect. And we don't claim to be perfect. But we have this one consolation, that our faith rests in a perfect Sacrifice that's already been received.

William Branham 57-0419

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