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Text Department
1.22.2018 10:00 AM

The text for 7 new sermon translations in PDF format was loaded to the sermon page.

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This includes 3 Italian, 2 Malagasy (Madagascar), and 2 Romanian.

Audio Department
1.22.2018 8:00 AM

The audio for 20 new sermon translations was loaded to the sermon page.

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This includes 1 Afrikaans (southern Africa), 2 Cebuano (Philippines), 3 French, 1 Norwegian , 5 Polish , 4 Spanish , and 3 Xhosa (southern Africa).

Durban Baptisms
1.18.2018 6:00 PM

From the Durban office: Three new converts from Umlazi township were baptized at the Durban office today.

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Brother Bambanani Dlamini, a local police officer recently purchased a tent and hosted a series of evangelical services in Umlazi township. The area is notorious for crime, but God has raised up some brothers who are effectively spreading the Message in the area. These three baptisms are the latest fruits of their labors. Click on the image to enlarge.


Today's Recordings
1.17.2018 6:00 PM

We recorded 4 sermon translations at our studios today.

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The Jeffersonville studio recorded the Spanish translation of 60-1210 "The Philadelphian Church Age." The Cape Town studio recorded the Afrikaans translation of 60-1211M "The Ten Virgians..." The Durban studio recorded the Zulu translation of 62-0211 "Oneness." The India studio recorded the Marathi translation of 63-0324E "The Seventh Seal."

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An update regarding the Message in Russia.


Believers in Malawi join in hearing of the Word and songs of praise.


Excerpts of letters received into the Prison Ministry.





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Little children in travail now, re-obey the commandments of God. And pastor, here, if none of you has been baptized, the water will be ready. And—and membership for the church, or whatever you want to do, or whatever, you do it. You haven’t got the baptism, the Holy Ghost, this is the night to receive It. Don’t you believe that?

William Branham 65-1205

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