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Audio Department
12.16.2017 12:00 PM

The audio for 22 new sermon translations was loaded to the sermon page.

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This includes 3 Afrikaans (southern Africa), 8 Ewe (Ghana), 3 Italian , 1 Malayalam (India), 5 Russian , 1 Spanish , and 1 Tamil (India).

Today's Recordings
12.15.2017 6:00 PM

The Cape Town recording studio recorded the Afrikaans translation of 60-1209 "The Sardisean Church Age." 

Text Department
12.14.2017 6:30 PM

The text for 31 new sermon translations in PDF format was loaded to the sermon page.

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This includes 1 Afrikaans (southern Africa), 3 French , 2 Italian, 2 German , 1 Lingala (Congo), 8 Lozi (Zambia), 5 North Sotho (southern Africa), 2 Polish , 2 Spanish , 4 South Sotho (southern Africa), and 1 Vietnamese .

Today's Recordings
12.14.2017 6:00 PM

The Durban studio recorded the SiSwati translation of 63-0628M "O Lord, Just Once More." 

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And you were there, you were in His thinking, your name and all. And He, by foreknowledge, ordained you to see This. And you that was not ordained, will never see It. But, remember, in the Name of the Lord Jesus, “The hour is here!

William Branham 65-1127e

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