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Haiti Relief
10.20.2016 6:00 PM

$25K has been wired from our office in Jeffersonville to our representatives in Haiti to purchase food for the believers. Link to article. in Chitonga
10.20.2016 4:00 PM

We have now translated into the Zambian language of Chitonga!

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The language is spoken by about 1.5 million people, primarily in the Southern and Western provinces of Zambia, as well as the northern parts of Zimbabwe. is now available in 28 different languages! 

Helpers In Finland
10.20.2016 2:00 PM

From our Finland Office: These two sisters who live here in Finland sacrificed part of their autumn school holiday to do this Norwegian mailing.

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They came from Congo with their parents as refugees to Finland. It is a blessing to see the desire of these young sisters to help to get the Message to the hands of the Bride of Christ.


Afrikaans Translation
10.20.2016 7:00 AM

The Cape Town recording studio is recording the Afrikaans translation of 60-0417M "Go Tell."

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You see, church was on the same night when this happened.


Hurricane Matthew slammed head-on into the island on October 3.


We are working on the Spring schedule right now.


I knew whatever God chose to allow, He would protect us from all harm.


During those long six months of separation, there was so much anger and pain.


It was a horrible experience but, the Lord was so good to us.





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And Abraham's Seed is waiting for the promised Son, Jesus Christ. And they've seen signs, the pouring out of the Holy Ghost, speaking in tongues, Divine healing, and so forth. But when the Son of man is being revealed, Elohim will return back to the royal Seed of Abraham and show that same thing that He showed in that day, amen, Elohim, as it was!

William Branham 64-0320

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