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Audio Department
10.8.2015 5:30 PM

The audio for 9 new sermon translations was loaded to the sermon page.

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This includes 3 Indonesian, 2 Portuguese (Brazil, Angola), and 4 Urdu (Pakistan).

Poland Billboard
10.8.2015 2:00 PM

We've posted a picture of the massive billboard in Poland before, but this picture by the European team really blessed our hearts.

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Afrikaans Recording
10.8.2015 9:00 AM

The Cape Town, South Africa recording studio is recording the Afrikaans translation of 63-0721 "He Cares, Do You Care?"  

Branham Tabernacle
10.7.2015 4:30 PM

The Branham Tabernacle has a new website. Service times and sermon titles will be posted at

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I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit drawing me nearer to the image of Christ.


Truly God works in mysterious ways.


I believe each person was blessed by hearing the Voice of God by Brother Branham.


One side I use “It is written,” and the other side I use, “It is spoken.”


So I believe it behooves us to move with all that's in us and do everything that we can.


A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.





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"Many times you find, when you're prayed for, in a meeting, for Divine healing, then the next day you find out, no doubt, that the devil will make that twice as bad as it was the day before. See? Remember, that's just Satan trying to get you away from the blessing that God has got for you. See? Don't you listen to that fellow. See? Always press right on."

William Branham 65-0919

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