He Sees It

In this verse (Revelation 2:19) He is commending His children because they were living changed lives. Their works testified to a new Spirit within. Men saw their good works and glorified God. Yes sir, if you are a Christian you are going to do what is right. Your works will show that your heart is right. And it won't be something that you put on, for you will do His will when no one but God sees you, and you will do His will even if it costs you your life.

Thyatirean Church Age, CPT.6

No matter what it is, how insignificant we think it is, if we do something for our Lord Jesus, He sees it. We received this testimony from a family in Western Australia. These two boys saw an opportunity to spread the Gospel, and quickly went into action.

I have always been blessed by Letters From Prisoners. They're refreshingly simple, honest and powerful. They express everything I feel about the Message. I love to read each new offering that's posted on the VGR website.

We're located in the city of Perth in Western Australia. As far as we know, no witnessing has been done in this area (of Perth). Yesterday at the local store, there was a blackboard erected for people to put up their quotes. Nothing was written on it until we wrote our message. Chalk was provided so we thought it was a great opportunity to put in a plug for the witnessing work.

Jesse and Billy proudly had their photo taken while a few onlookers stood by smiling.

God bless you,

Brother Simon