William Branham Evangelistic Association

Brother Branham established this ministry in 1965 as an outreach through which the Word would be spread abroad and the soon Coming of the Lord would be proclaimed. For decades, the William Branham Evangelistic Association has kept its sights focused on that guiding principle.

Here is a brief look at the history of this vital agency through which the Gospel of the Kingdom has been made known around the world.

In July of 1965, Brother Branham asked for a meeting with Brother Roy Roberson, Brother Fred Sothmann, and his son, Brother Billy Paul Branham, who were members of the trustee board of the Branham Tabernacle in Jeffersonville, Indiana. He described for them a new outreach he wished to establish, a branch of his Ministry that would operate separate from the local church. Its purpose would be to help finance evangelistic campaigns and support missionary endeavors around the world, without being a constant drain on the finances of the local assembly. An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages , the first book that he had produced, was ready to be printed, and he was looking forward to eventually expanding his ministry’s outreach through the field of publications.

It took three months for an attorney to prepare and submit to the government the articles of incorporation for the William Branham Evangelistic Association . In October, the three board members and Brother Branham signed the documents that would actually start the approval process.

Before there had been one journey planned, one event sponsored, or one effort funded, Brother Branham was called Home to be with the Lord.

The board members had a decision to make. Was there still a need for an evangelistic and missionary organization to sponsor the Ministry of Brother Branham? After careful consideration, the newly formed board made the decision to carry on with the original plans.

The final paperwork was registered in April of 1966. The missionary and evangelistic branches of William Branham’s Ministry were planted, and WBEA became the legal vehicle for the continuation of this life-giving, life-sustaining Message of the Hour.

WBEA continues to publish and subsidize the distribution costs for nine of the oldest, and most requested, books relating to Brother Branham’s Ministry, including William Branham, A Man Sent From God and the last book to be published before his passing, An Exposition Of The Seven Church Ages .